Экс-супруга Кирилла Сафонова умерла от алкоголизма For the past ten years, the actor married a woman not related to show business and cinema. The couple had a daughter Anastasia. In early summer, Elena Safonova died. The reason for the death of 42-year-old woman has become a harmful habit.
Экс-супруга Кирилла Сафонова умерла от алкоголизма

More than eight years, the favorite of women living in happily with the soloist of group “Factory” Alexandra Savelieva. And if the 34-year-old singer this marriage became the first, behind 45-year-old actor is the ten-year Union with a woman named Helen. In past relationships have Safonova had a daughter Anastasia who is building a modeling career abroad.

Lately, about the life of the ex-lover of the artist was not so much known: after the divorce she remarried, but the relationship failed. Forget setbacks befell the woman tried with alcohol, which has ruined her. Today it became known that Elena Safonova died.

“Lena was seriously ill. Alcoholism. It is brought to the grave. Began long ago. But Lena did not recognize that sick. In Israel forcibly impossible to treat. She could have been saved if the daughter is persuaded to go to the clinic. She tried, but her mother wasn’t listening”, — said the second husband of Elena, photographer Vadim Sukharev.
Экс-супруга Кирилла Сафонова умерла от алкоголизма

The reluctance of the deceased to be treated for addiction have led to the fact that the successor Safonovich refused to communicate with her – and it was the last blow. According to Sukharev, before his death, the woman tried to get through to Anastasia, but she did not want to talk to mother.

She now lives in new York, where newly arrived father along with Savelevoj to congratulate a girl happy birthday. Fans of the actor repeatedly said: Anastasia is growing into a real beauty, moreover, many believe that a girl very much like my mother.

But married with the popular singer Safonov has not yet become a father. Alexander often asked about when she and her husband will appear first.

Sasha Savelieva of motherhood: “Thank you for worrying”

“Thank you for worry about us with Cyril. With your prayers it will approach” — not long ago Saveliev wrote in a microblog.
Экс-супруга Кирилла Сафонова умерла от алкоголизма

With regard to the first marriage Safonova, this Union disintegrated at the initiative of the wife. Sukharev said in an interview with Eg.ru that he indirectly caused the separation of the spouses: Helen and Cyril fought a lot, didn’t understand each other, it was very hard together, so the breakup was inevitable.