Бывшая жена Джонни Деппа обвиняет его в подкупе свидетелей

Бывшая жена Джонни Деппа обвиняет его в подкупе свидетелейActress amber heard and actor johnny Depp for years conduct of the trial, the story of their lives is already possible to remove the present series in which a few seasons. According to recent reports Depp agreed to the demands of his ex-wife and gave the court all the necessary documents about its treatment of alcohol and drug addiction. Now 33-year-old actress claims that her ex-husband had bribed the witnesses that were on her side.

Amber is sure that johnny had paid over one million dollars to the witnesses who saw him use force in relation to it. Hurd was invited to court the company of actor, which he ran until 2016, and demanded it provide data on the financial costs. She decided there that she will be able to see money transfers to witnesses their argument.

The actress’s lawyer drew up the paperwork, he requested a payment history from Depp, possible witnesses, who are now trying to hide the truth.

According to the girl, the company was well aware of the fact that the actor was often beaten by amber. However, johnny had a lot of pressure on the employees because they had to or give false testimony, or even deny all the facts of violence against his wife.


The lawyer of the actress said that at the moment he was aware of the transfer one million dollar to people who were witnesses in the lawsuit against his client johnny Depp. Accordingly, the judge was forced to postpone the hearing to February 2020, to determine the exact circumstances.

It is worth Recalling that in the first lawsuit the girl filed in 2016. It was then that she publicly stated that her husband beats her. Girl posted on his page in Instagram pictures with a beating. Johnny Depp wasn’t just in denial, he even filed a counter claim for libel in his address. The celebrity said that all the bruises were drawn by his wife alone and he never laid a hand on her.

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