Ex-wife of Igor Butman got rid of his photos

Бывшая жена Игоря Бутмана избавилась от его фотографий Designer and gallerist told reporters about his life after divorce with a famous saxophonist. Oksana Butman went to a psychologist and made changes to the interior of the apartment in the center of Moscow, where she lives with her youngest son.

In 2013, the year wife of the famous saxophonist Igor Butman Oksana announced its intention to divorce. The woman said that he considers intolerable the continued cohabitation of the musician. Sam Butman spoke for some time that Oksana was excited, but a few months later, the court issued a pair of official document of divorce.

In a recent interview with journalists Oksana told about his life after the divorce. The ex-wife of a famous artist lives in an apartment located in the center of Moscow near Ostozhenka. The interior was engaged not only a professional, but she is Oksana. At some point she was so carried away that he graduated from specialized courses. About his separation with her husband Butman says calmly, making it clear that the wound healed. Reporters noticed that in the house of Oksana no pictures of Igor.

“At first the pictures were because children. But then I decided that better to let them dad more than I see in my life, and if I can watch and phone,” explained the woman.

On the assumption that the ex-couple managed to remain friends after the divorce, Oksana chose not to answer. “We have no relations”, – said the ex-wife of saxophonist, smiling. According to the woman, the decision to make changes to the interior after separation from her husband inspired her nine-year-old son mark. By the way, the eldest heir Oksana Daniel is studying at Oxford and plans to become a chemist.

“Actually, mark was the initiator. He wanted his room to change, and at the same time I redid the bedroom, making it more “summer”, hung birds. Back in the living room had lots of columns instead of a table was the subwoofer: Igor listened to music and watched a movie, it is very important to good sound. But I realized that I Brand and these speakers do not need, and asked Igor to take them,” – said the ex-wife of saxophonist.

According to journalists, after the divorce, Oksana went to a psychologist. Specialist reproached the woman lack of interest in training. After a while Butman came up with the motivation. “It’s old age” – said Oksana in the press. The former wife of musician explained his statement.

“I want myself to be interested in old age, to design and art. Here’s how Tatiana Rogova, head of school of design, she was already under seventy. She is a very wise woman, I try to see her or even ride together. Once out in Italy, to the widow of Tonino Guerra, a screenwriter and friend of Fellini. I want to be like them, to my children and grandchildren were with me interestingly to communicate,” said Oksana with Tatler magazine.

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