Бывшая жена Федора Бондарчука обрела счастье с новым мужчиной Svetlana meets with the photographer. Sergey Herds and a well-known journalist spoke first as friends, but later broke out between them a romantic feeling. Steam does not advertise the relationship.
Бывшая жена Федора Бондарчука обрела счастье с новым мужчиной

After parting with the Director after 25 years of marriage, his ex-wife, 49-year-old Svetlana, once again in love. The chosen star became a 37-year-old photographer and gallery owner Sergei Herds.

“I am very glad for the Light and Serge, lovely couple, – said the “StarHit” their friend, producer Michael drujan. – I’m always amazed when the emerging new relationship, because most people in life are lonely and dream to find a soul mate”.

Bondarchuk and Herds met at one of the social evenings. And in mid-December, Sergei became one of the main guests at the birthday party Svetlana in her restaurant “Bistrot birch”.

“They always spend time together, go on holiday – say, surrounded by couples. – I like to sit with friends in a Georgian café DIDI, Denis Simachev bar, or take a stroll on the New Arbat. In October flew to Japan, where he is the main work. By the way, my creative friends: Renata Litvinova, Alexey Kiselev, Hope Obolentseva… Nobody even noticed how it all began. But when the connection became apparent, was not surprised. Guys, despite the age difference, understand each other perfectly”.

In the Network, they can safely leave under the photo cute comments, put a heart. But to talk about the relationship publicly, yet do not want.

“What is there to tell? – embarrassed, replies “StarHit” Herds. – This is the life”.