Ex-wife of Eminem wanted to kill myself

Бывшая жена Эминема хотела покончить с собой

Ex-wife of rapper Eminem Kim Mathers became the guest of the radio show “Mojo in the Morning” in which he told that the accident in October 2015, when she’s drunk sat behind the wheel and almost died, was in fact a suicide attempt.

Escalade Meters then flew into a ditch, crashed into a pole and overturned in Michigan. In a statement, police said that the lady had too much rum before getting behind the wheel.
Immediately after the accident, rumors spread that the way Kim just wants to earn fame, however, the woman came to the radio station to refute it.
“I wanted to go where anyone but me not hurt. Yes, I got drunk, and shrank the pedal to the floor. I apologize immensely. From the beginning I told the truth, the way it was, I never lied to anyone. I know that my records were closed, there was medical information, but with the rest of the things she didn’t have anything to do.. After I learned how much drama was caused by this case, I will open my records for all of the curious” — said Kim. Now Meters gets help, however, to say that it is completely cured, it is impossible. After the death of her twin sister, Donna Scott, who died in January 2016, Kim has become worse. Now her business gradually on the mend. Kim claims that Eminem and her children help her spravites with his grief.
“He gave me tremendous support. We are very close friends. Just trying to raise our children together and give them the best of everything” she said.
Kim and Marshall have a daughter, Haley, the daughter of the woman from other relationships Whitney, and adopted daughter Alayne. The couple got married in 1999, in 2001 they divorced and were together again briefly in 2006.

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