Бывшая жена Эмина Агаларова высказалась о свадьбе певца
Leyla Aliyeva commented on a magnificent celebration.

Бывшая жена Эмина Агаларова высказалась о свадьбе певца

Emin Agalarov and Alena Gavrilova

Photo: Instagram.com

Leyla Aliyeva

Wedding of Emin Agalarov held July 14, is still being discussed in social networks. All last week, netizens were waiting for the reaction on a magnificent celebration of the ex-wife of singer Leyla Aliyeva. Many assumed that the ex-spouse can leave a scathing review about the new chosen one her ex-husband. Leila also showed respect for the newlyweds and just a week later spoke about the wedding Agalarov. Her response was more than worthy. She wished Emin and Alena fortune in family life.

“I wish Emin and Alena happiness. They are very decent and beautiful people, and God grant that love in their lives was paramount! I wish you all to rejoice in life and love,” wrote Leila. Apparently, Aliyev does not hold grudges on Agalarov and really glad he found happiness in his personal life.

Earlier, Emin said in an interview that despite the divorce happened, does not regret the marriage with Leila. “If you could rewind time, no matter what mistakes I made? Probably, there are none. The biggest failure is not the surviving marriage. My wife and I divorced. The children are all well, we are friends, we communicate, but the family crumbled. We can say that if you could rewind, you need to choose another wife, and her to find another husband. But in this case it would not be my children, so I also have no regrets. I believe that if I did the same thing, then I would go the same way”, — said Emin.