Бывшая жена Эмина Агаларова поздравила его со свадьбой Last week Emin married a second time. The ex-wife of singer and the mother of his sons, Leyla Aliyeva congratulated the former and his present wife with the wedding.
Бывшая жена Эмина Агаларова поздравила его со свадьбой

Emin Agalarov last Saturday got married to his sweetheart Alena Gavrilova. In the suburban Golf club, Agalarov Estate, in the presence of only relatives and friends, lovers vows, officially becoming husband and wife.

Fans were looking forward to the reaction of his ex-wife on a special occasion. Many people still dream that one day the Emin and Leyla back together. However, according to Aliyeva, she is not going to be reunited with Agalarov and his new marriage finds the perfect gift.

“I wish Emin and Alena happiness. They are very decent and beautiful people, and God grant that love in their lives was paramount! I wish you all to rejoice in life and love,” wrote Leila Aliyev in his microblog.
Бывшая жена Эмина Агаларова поздравила его со свадьбой

Emin Agalarov married for the second time

On the eve of Leila published a controversial poem that Internet users are immediately taken on account of Emin. “The ships sailed, the hares ran away, isn’t it time for human grief? I recently somehow let go, the mountain is not cold, the boredom didn’t forget. Everyone is always leaving each home, the cat wandering outside the door – choose for myself,” published by the daughter of the President of Azerbaijan.

However, the Aliyev refuted the allegations made by subscribers.

Бывшая жена Эмина Агаларова поздравила его со свадьбой“Dear friends! Many do not understand my poems, they come from my soul and not dedicated to one specific person,” – said Leyla Aliyeva.

Emin Agalarov and Leyla Aliyeva met in 2005 in St. Moritz, where both are vacationing. After a year in Baku, the country residence of the President of Azerbaijan, the engagement took place 25 years Agalarov and 20-year-old Aliyeva. Two years later they had twins, Ali and Mikail, and in 2015, the couple announced the breakup.

Despite the divorce, Emin and Leyla to regularly spend time together with the heirs. For example, recently, the former couple celebrated the birthday of Amina girl was adopted Leila. In addition, Leyla Aliyeva is a regular guest at the music festival “Heat”, held annually by the Emin.