Бывшая жена Элвиса Пресли будет руководить съемками сериала о муже

Company Weinstein Television , headed by Harvey Weinstein, Jerry Schilling and David Glasser undertake the filming of “the king of rock-n-roll” Elvis Presley.

With the support of the only wife of the legendary musician Priscilla Presley, the company plans to create a mini-series, which will shows the key moments in the life of the artist.

Script mini-series (we are talking about 8-10 episodes) will be written based on the book of Dave Marsh’s Elvis”, which was released 5 years after the death of the performer. The names of the Director and screenwriter, and actor, who will play a major role, is not defined.

At the moment, about the project known to very few. It is reported that Weinstein Television received permission for exclusive footage of Graceland, where from 1957 until his death he lived and where the singer still kept his belongings, diaries, cars, and other rarities.

Premiere date of the series has not been discussed.