Бывшая жена Чарли Шина снова оказалась в рехабе

Brooke Mueller, ex-wife of Hollywood actor Charlie sheen and mother of his two twin sons Bob and max decided to go to a specialized clinic after a nervous breakdown that happened to her about a month ago in salt lake city.

As reported by younger sister Brooke Sidney Wolofsky in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Brooke spent some time in the hospital and is now going to go to rehab.
“After stalling for a while she remained in the hospital. I know it was the detox course then the question of our mother that she was going to do next, told that going independently to go to the hospital because her mental state can be devastating to children.
I know we’ll see her on Christmas if we will have the opportunity to visit her in rehabe. Brooke will not allow us to come without the boys. They love her and miss her. They know about what is happening and that their mom needs help,” said Sidney.
Recall that since the breakdown Muller associated with drug use, for their Charlie and sons is watching the mother of the woman.