Ex-wife of Charlie sheen hospitalized

Бывшая жена Чарли Шина госпитализирована

Actress Brooke Mueller was hospitalized after a fight with the nanny of his children, seven year old twins Bob and max, whose father is Hollywood actor Charlie sheen. Barefoot and aggressive, she was beside herself, and behaved inappropriately. While the police went to the scene of the conflict, Brooke escaped. After she noticed one of the gas stations.

Sister Mueller Sidney Wolowski confirmed the information on hospitalisation of a relative.
“I know my mother is looking after Bob and max at home in Utah,” said Sidney and assured that Brooke was sober at the time of aggression. Not long ago, Mueller once again was treated in rehabe, where he again tried to get rid of alcoholism. Its breakdown is associated with this, but my sister says that the reason lies in something else. Brooke to join the children and the mother only when doctors deem it possible.