Ex-wife of Armen Dzhigarkhanyan told about his infidelities

Бывшая жена Армена Джигарханяна рассказала о его изменах

The ex-wife of Armen Dzhigarkhanyan Tatiana Vlasova, which he traded for a young Vitalinu Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya, gave his first interview after parting ways with the actor and Director. She openly said that not too surprised at the final of them with Armen breakup because he cheated on her for the last fifteen years.
While the wife settled for him in a family neighborhood in the United States, Russia Dzhigarkhanyan was already longing for a young paramour. The couple bought a house in Dallas in 1998 and the move was a mutual decision. Vlasov went to the States to equip the house, on the insistence of her husband. He remained holostyakov in Moscow. Tatiana suspects that the romance between Armen and Vitalino began immediately after her departure.

“When I moved to America, I was 57 years old. Now I’m 74 years. Vitalina’s new wife Dzhigarkhanyan, says that their relationship is more than 15 years. Exactly as I lived in America, it turns out, so many years her husband was cheating on me…”- says Tatiana.
Vlasov laments that the financial ability of the husband were much more modest, and she he didn’t want much from him – neither fur coats, nor visits to social events (a stud in the side of his young wife Dzhigarkhanyan).
“I didn’t have luxurious fur coats, I went with my husband on the presentation. Will not climb, unlike his new wife. In the theater.Mayakovsky, in which Jigarkhanyan worked for more than a quarter century no one really knew. I’m not a PR at his expense,” — said Vlasov.
Then Armen is acceptable, he stated that he does not like social events, but now is a regular at get-togethers, in spite of its age. Tatiana believes that it is the desire of his wife, and he’d better sit with a book at home.
Crisis in their relationship began after the second stroke Armen. The actor argued that his wife did not support and did not even come to him from Dallas, but Tatyana says that at that time they rarely talked on the phone, and called her usually Armen Borisovich. He came less frequently, and 2009, and ceased to visit his wife, although the existence and contents of the house were sent regularly. That the husband has a stroke Vlasov did not know, learned about it after. In 2015, she sold the house and returned to Moscow, but Armen didn’t even want to communicate with her.
“To meet with Armen Borisovich me and failed. When I humbly waited for him outside the theater, it was a few months after our divorce, he did not even want to talk to me, not without a shudder recalls Tatiana. – I watched him on the street after the show, he came out, I said to him: “Hello, I’m Tatiana Sergeevna”. “Hello,” he replied friendly. He didn’t even recognize me! And when he realized who I was, got in the car and left. Then I wrote a statement to the police that I allegedly threatened.. I’m not threatened, I tried to talk with her ex-husband..
At my age hard to start a new life. He has another apartment in Krasnogorsk, where he lives with Vitalino. There is one in Kuntsevo, where they are doing repairs. There is an apartment, which allegedly bought parents Vitalina when he moved from Kiev” — said Tatiana. She hoped that the ex-husband would give her an apartment on the Arbat as compensation for the broken life.