Бывшую жену олигарха Буряка поддержал Виктор Батурин Margarita Buriak wants to return to his business, where she worked as Director of development. After a divorce from her husband-a billionaire woman remained without a roof over your head – it is not allowed in the house, which was acquired at the time of marriage. Viktor Baturin told her not to be afraid to assert their rights.

      Бывшую жену олигарха Буряка поддержал Виктор Батурин

      After 29 years of marriage Dmitry and Margarita Buriak decided to file for divorce. However, the separation turned to the former wife an unexpected side – she lost a roof over your head. The oligarch has forbidden protection to pass the woman on the grounds of the house where they lived together with their three children. But the biggest disappointment was waiting for her in the office. Ex-wife of billionaire denied the right to participate in the joint business, where she worked as Director of development.

      The ex-wife of billionaire Buriak revealed horrific details of the break up with him

      “Lawyers do not go with me, he stopped communicating. In the office I do not get, can not work. And I don’t know what’s going on – I have no information,” complained Margarita in the program “Let them talk”.
      Бывшую жену олигарха Буряка поддержал Виктор Батурин

      Now the wife is fighting for half of the state – a luxury home on Rublevsky highway, the cost of which is estimated to be worth more than $ 20 million, as well as other assets.

      “For 29 years of marriage, you share everything that you have, in a difficult moment you’re close to someone. Now I have a beautiful house, but there is a situation that you can’t use,” said Buriak.

      Despite the fact that Dmitry promised to give everything to his ex-wife and three heirs, two daughters and son while he is in no hurry to part with the property. Margarita has its own apartment on Gogol Boulevard, which is estimated at two and a half million dollars, but it is uninhabitable. There is now being renovated.

      “Conflict in our relationship became a business,” said Margaret.

      Initially, problems in the family began in the time when she began to suspect that the wife was the other woman. However, the final decision to leave her husband she took after he learned that he began to pursue cases of family business in ways that were contrary to its moral principles.

      Бывшую жену олигарха Буряка поддержал Виктор Батурин

      Buriak can’t believe the time when she was happy with her husband, ended. Most of all it suffers from the fact that it is not possible to work at the company which she gave several years of his life.

      Businessman Viktor Baturin, who was invited to the Studio “Let them speak” as an expert, advised Margaret to go to court because she has all the chances to get everything that she is entitled to by law and even more.

      “I’ll tell you, I don’t know your mission. If you are homemakers, he has no chance, you get everything. Any reputational lawsuit will make him an outcast. He will give you whatever is in his best interest to negotiate with you,” suggested Victor.

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