Ex-wife of Alexei Panin requires to pick up my daughter from “a pervert and a sociopath”

Экс-супруга Алексея Панина требует забрать дочь у «извращенца и социопата»

Former civil wife of Alexei Panin and mother of his daughter Julia Udintsev NYSE believes that the child should be isolated from “a pervert and a sociopath”, which is her ex-boyfriend. A woman appeared in the Studio, Andrei Malakhov’s talk show “Let them talk”, to talk about the trouble and ask for help.

As a huge part of the audience, Julia believes that a nine year old girl is in danger next to his father, who, in the opinion of Udintseva, has not only fragile psyche, but and perverse inclinations. Why are only videos for the past few weeks shocked users of the Network.
Recall that the video appeared on the Internet with a light hand of cyber criminals, Panin engaged in oral sex with a man, and walks residential area of the town in lingerie, masturbating at the same time. Panin tried to justify their actions of alcohol, and stated that he was very disgusted looking at myself. Supposedly now he no longer abuses alcohol and is engaged in education of the daughter. However, his words are few who believe.
“That bastard takes her to Swingers beaches with filthy girls without panties. Or in shorts, but Topless, with a beer. My child is there, with naked ladies! How is he not ashamed?! This is not necessary to respect your child, to carry him there?”- angry Julia.
The girl herself came to the defense of the father who all this time living together. To the mother to move he does not want to. The NUS blames the mother that she was yelling at her. At the end of the program the girl said that she wants to live with his father and burst into tears. A frustrated child took away from the Studio Alexey Panin and his friend Nikita Dzhigurda, who came to the shooting of the program in support of Alexei.
“I was plunged into hell” — said Andrey Malakhov.