Ex-wife of Alexei Panin requires child support from him

Бывшая супруга Алексея Панина требует от него алименты Julia Udintsev continues to fight with the actor for a daughter. But now the woman who took the girl, decided on drastic measures. In her opinion, Panin owe her a multimillion-dollar payments despite the fact that the child lives with him.

      Бывшая супруга Алексея Панина требует от него алименты

      Despite the fact that nine-year-old niusia lives with his father Alexey Panin, her mother Julia Udintsev continues to demand the alimony from the former civil wife. According to some information, the woman filed a petition in the court. In the complaint she noted that Panin owed her a few million.

      Daughter niusia ran away from my mom, as she treated the girl properly. According to Alexei, since he was not married to Udintseva, she has no right to claim maintenance. Besides, the child brings it.

      “I understand she can’t forgive me the fact that the child lives with me. And now, when the court decided the fate of my daughter, there are such provocations. Meanwhile, my daughter was first acted at court, where at the moment there are regular hearings on the establishment of the place of residence of the child. The opinion of the NYSE now definitely disregarded. But, if my daughter was not 9 years as now, 10-th, then her word would be final and decisive in this story. She would have stayed with me the law!” – said the actor.

      Says Panin, NUS honestly explained it in the presence of psychologists and other officials. The girl asked about the conditions in which she lived with her mother. “NUS said in court that the mother had been drinking and left her alone at home, sometimes even forgetting to feed her. And many other terrible things. The hall was attended by child psychologists. And no one questioned the words of my child,” explained the star father.

      Panin moved the NUS in Moscow. She goes to school and leads a quiet life of nine girls. Dad’s been with her all his free time when he’s at work, cares about little grandma. According to Panin, Yudintseva the NYSE no contacts. “Mom don’t communicate at all. Julia did everything to set daughter against him. Now comes to the fact that NUS is starting to hate her,” said the actor.

      According to Panina, such initiatives ex-wife just say that she wants to hurt his reputation. Alex admitted kp.ru that Udintsev want to mix it with dirt, so it received such demands.