Ex-wife of Alexei Panin fears for daughter

Бывшая жена Алексея Панина боится за дочь

For the past eight years to take the confrontation well-known Russian actor Alexey Panin and his ex-wife Yulia Yudintseva for their daughter. Poor child became a plaything in the hands of ambitious parents who are unable amicably to separate and to set the rules of custody that satisfied both. Eight-year-old NUS often finds itself in the secular chronicle, thanks to Alex and Julia.

Бывшая жена Алексея Панина боится за дочь
Now the daughter again went to her father, and her mother is worried that inadequate with Panin may be lost. Alex has repeatedly accused the wife that she’s not interested in your daughter’s life that drinks and uses abusive words in communicating with the child. The actor is confident that NUS have to live with them much better and that she wants it. Julia also told his version of the recent events.
“Panin going on in the programs is the same: “I proposed to Julia peace agreement, and she refuses!!!” Yes he, along with his Mama all the time destroyed me criminal cases! Incidentally, back in 2008, the text of the settlement agreement amounted to my lawyer, it takes into account the interests of both parents and first daughter” — says the woman.

According to Udintseva, she wants to bury the hatchet and “to stop this hell for NYSE”.
“Why is it impossible for a sense of community former partners with a common child? Why you should behave like in a zoo? But Panin wants to extend this “Santa Barbara” as there will be scorched earth. Only on this earth to walk my daughter…” says the former model.
Last time mother spoke with the NUS after the New year. According to the observations of Julia, the daughter closed again, left to itself, began to confuse the words “mom” to “grandma”. To adapt, a small child is forced to juggle between both parents so as not to offend any of them. She has to pretend to guess what each wants to hear. Julia doesn’t hold grudges at NUS, she was so sorry for her, it’s a normal defensive reaction.
“I didn’t start the war and I don’t want it. I don’t know how long he plans to live at the expense of these talentless nobody needs scandals? Because of him have no peace so many people – police officers, judges, doctors, journalists.. All already sick of it!” — said Julia.
Udintsev worried that because of Panina NUS is absent from school, which Alex believes is optional. The mother understands that the spaces to fill in later will not be easy.
“I wish to Panina finally realized that she need to study. I can honestly tell you, if she stays with them, it will disappear. Panina in one way – to send their children voluntarily. Otherwise, I’ll fight and daughter Verna. He understands it, even more so hates me” — she said.
Alex, according to his ex-wife, prepares the way for retreat – every day inspires her daughter that mom is bad. Julia is sure that Panin uses techniques of hypnosis. The NUS told the mother that the father was daily told her mother about the bad.
While the daughter was with her, she loaded her lessons and extra classes, circles, and Panin allow the girl to forget about studying, just give her sweets and entertainment. Naturally, the child will be more comfortable with someone easier.
“And hear Aleksey’s voice: “my Poor daughter, how your mother learned loads, and I’m good, I’ll buy whatever I want. Why would you, NUS, this cramming? Let’s go to the machines for three hours let’s play!” It’s despicable!
I want to appeal to law enforcement bodies of Russia, Guild of actors of cinema, to television channels with an appeal: “Shut the actor Panina!” In the United States of America, he would long ago have been behind bars. And we have not considered a criminal offence to take away the child from the mother unless the father is deprived the parental rights. While. Unfortunately, this procedure will take a year, that’s a lot for eight-year-old girls, because in a year she will become a different person” — said Udintsev.

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