Ex-wife of Alexei Panin cancels meeting with my daughter

Бывшая супруга Алексея Панина отменяет встречи с дочкой Most of the summer, the actor has been with the successor in the Crimea. Recently they returned to Moscow, as the NYSE had a date planned with her mother, Julia Yudintseva. However, according to Panina, the woman did not come from St. Petersburg.

Alexey Panin won in the fight for her daughter in conflict with the former civil wife Yulia Yudintseva. The girl lives with dad in Moscow, and her mother rarely comes to visit her. In a recent program of “In fact”, which leads Dmitry Shepelev, the woman claimed that the former husband does not give her to see the successor. It appears, however, that another communication of a mother with the NUS did not take place because of her.

“Came with the NUS to Moscow specifically to meet with the mother and her lawyer at the last moment called and said that the mother changed her mind, will not come. To walk the gear and tell you how it is not allowed to daughter’s more interesting than to chat with my daughter,” – said Alexey subscribers microblog.

Panina followers believe that he is a very good father. The majority of subscribers saw the test of Udintseva a lie detector, therefore, now support the actor in this situation. “You’re doing fine, Alex, just you daughter honest”, “If I really wanted to see her daughter, came would even in the Crimea, but apparently she has better things to do”, “you’re such a good father some fathers like you! And less of these mothers like your ex wife”, “the Important thing is that you are close and support her daughter,” write the fans of the actor.

Ex-wife Panina sent their daughter to “hell”

Right now the NUS is living with his father and his 23-year-old girl Olga. Fiancee Panina interact well with the girl. This summer they spent several weeks in the Crimea. The choice of the artist works for the First channel. Their acquaintance took place in the spring of this year. According to star, they with Olga are very similar.

“Daughter feels people who surround me. When I saw Olenka, immediately said: “Dad, I love it!” My girls quickly became friends, they have a lot to talk about. We already have a rest together – broke a few weeks from the capital of Crimea. Plans don’t build, live for today!” – shared Alexei with “StarHit”.