Ex-wife of Alexander Nosik provoked him to divorce

Экс-супруга Александра Носика спровоцировала его на развод In March it became known that the star of the TV series broke up with his wife Olga. Old lovers did not comment on their breakup after six years of marriage. But Alexander broke the silence and spoke about the causes of the disorder in the family.
Экс-супруга Александра Носика спровоцировала его на развод

The star of the series “Return of Mukhtar” Alexander Nosik told reporters why he parted ways with his wife Olga after six years of marriage. For fans of the pair’s discord in the family star was a complete surprise, because they appeared together at social events, Alexander has been repeatedly recognized Olga in love. A petition for divorce, the spouses filed only in mid-summer of this year. After parting with his wife the actor had an affair with the singer Anastasia kranovoj, however, they soon broke off relations

In autumn, the marriage of Alexander and Olga were officially terminated. Since the couple never had children together, your divorce is not delayed. The spout did not explain to the public the reasons for the breakup, saying only that he left with his head in work. After a time, Alexander said that Olga and they dispersed peacefully and remain friends.

“We did not divide the property, not going to sling mud at each other, — said Spout. — I do not understand and do not take when in such situations begin to abuse your ex. You chose this man, lived, loved and shared a bed. A quarrel, a showdown is in the past. Like many couples, we fought so that sparks flew. I’m an emotional person, impulsive and explosive, sometimes just a bundle of nerves. This energy must be thrown out. In the apartment sometimes even has traces fists: hitting the wall for me absolutely fine. With Olga, we’re both leaders. Both are ambitious. Both the sin of pride is evident. Such strong personalities under one roof is difficult to get along. In our case, nobody wanted to give way”, – said Alexander.
Экс-супруга Александра Носика спровоцировала его на развод

Nose admitted edition of “Caravan of stories”, he did not remember who first decided to divorce. “At first, it was obviously an argument in the debate: “I do Not like — let’s get a divorce”. Often these words uttered Olya, probably, understood that only provokes. I replied, “Look — see”. Then you said: “hate on.” Probably no one’s fault. Or both. But probably no one. It happens,” recalled the artist.

Olga in interview to the program “Let them talk” said that she and her husband could not decide to sever relations. According to her, the ex-lover can find happiness in his personal life.

“I guess it lasted a few years. At some point we realized that we should break up… It wasn’t that Sasha was gone and I was left to suffer. Yes, I was mad at Sasha, we were constantly on the move, on the phone. Then I realized that we should not be angry, but to understand what is happening,” shared Olga.