Ex-wife of Alexander Kerzhakov was again detained

Бывшую супругу Александра Кержакова вновь задержали Four years ago, the passion of Catherine Safronova to drugs ruined marriage with the athlete. Alexander Kerzhakov was not surprised by what is happening with his ex-wife. Now the athlete raises their son.

      The former wife of footballer Alexander Kerzhakov Catherine Safronov was detained by law enforcement agencies in Saint-Petersburg. According to media reports, the woman was discovered the Bank notes, which were covered with white powder. Ex-wife of the famous athlete was detained in date of transmission payment.

      The athlete was not surprised by what happened to his ex-wife. Several years ago, the addiction to psychotropic drugs was the cause of the separation of Catherine and Alexander. The player is raising their child together with his wife Milana. For Kerzhakov was not surprising that his former fiancee was detained by the police.

      “I can only just repeat the words of a Professor of the medical clinic, which he said three years ago. He told her that with this pace it will either remain under the fence or end up in jail. Apparently, he knew what he was saying. People need to understand that it is not always necessary to believe the media and not always a woman and a mother is white and fluffy. We have a child, but I would really like to see people have stopped me to associate with her. The relationship I have with Safronova ended a long time ago, four years ago. In our life there. I do not care. It touches our family, and thank God. Son lives in a good and prosperous family,” said the athlete.

      While the investigation establishes that the vehicle was found at Safronova. Current spouse Milan very sad to see what is going on with the mother of the child she is raising.

      Not so long ago, Catherine gave birth to a lovely girl called Stefania. Also Safronova is the senior heir to Sophia.

      “She’s not responsible for his life or for the lives of children, does not give account of his deeds and goes on flowing down, — said Milan Kerzhakov edition Life. — This story is a good example of how some media can mislead a huge number of people. I would describe this situation two theses: all secret becomes clear, and the law of the boomerang has not been canceled. I don’t know what decision will ultimately be made, because based on the incident that occurred, termination of parental rights guardianship is likely to be implemented.”

      However, the person does not understand, where did the information that she had found the banned drug. According to her, she returned home as near the entrance, handcuffed two people. The police inspected her bag but found nothing. In the Department, she wrote a statement, which said that it did not have any prohibited means.