Ex-wife Nikita Panfilov made his life hell

Бывшая жена Никиты Панфилова превратила его жизнь в ад The star of “the Sweet life” do not give to see my son and build a new relationship. Nikita Panfilov claims that the ex-spouse seeks to destroy his Union with a current lover. The actor suggests that in future the situation could get worse.

      Бывшая жена Никиты Панфилова превратила его жизнь в ад

      Nikita Panfilov was tired of accusations that left the family. After a long silence, the actor spoke about the personal drama that has ruined his relationship with his wife. The star of the “Sweet life” went through a serious test. According to Nikita, he survived the treachery of the wife, but managed to get over myself and to forgive her. The couple has a teenage son Dobrynya, for him Panfilov for several months trying to recover the marriage.

      Unfortunately, to save the marriage, the actor has failed. Panfilov says that the path to divorce was hard. Ex-wife got him in a stressful situation, let the meetings with his son. And when Nikita has a new girlfriend, a woman tried to destroy this relationship.

      “You called my grandmother, my parents, my mom Susie, she, assuring her that a man like me, she doesn’t need. If Lada made to save the marriage at least a tenth of the energy that she has spent on trying to destroy my Union…. says the actor. – I communicate with Lada only through a lawyer. Unfortunately, I admit that the negative situation that pumps my ex-wife in the future can only get worse”.

      Panfilov says that upon divorce the ex-wife wanted to sue him, all the property, even that which was acquired before the marriage. In the end, the financial matter was settled through lawyers. The actor shares that the requests of women monthly child support shall be 180 thousand rubles. “And at minimum according to her needs,” he says.

      Now the couple is officially divorced. Remains only the issue with the son. Nikita is doing everything that the parents ‘ divorce has not affected the child. But the actor suspects that his ex-wife has other plans. It seems like woman want the boy forgot dad. At least with the filing Panfilov is not able to see my son for months.

      “Lada first filed the divorce papers… she was not even stopped what we was married, – says Nikita. – Yes, I fought for the family more than six months without receiving anything in return! Such torment I would not wish anyone. Last year I had not one grey hair. Now I have a full gray beard,” says the actor in an interview with “Hello!”.