Экс-супруга Никиты Панфилова разрешила ему частые встречи с сыном The actor told how a baby grows. Earlier, Nikita Panfilov has established a schedule of dates with a five-year Dobrynia through the courts. His ex-wife demanded a divorce after part of the property and did not consent to the father communicated with the baby.

The star of the series “Sweet life” Nikita Panfilov happy marriage with a beloved Xenia. The couple were married in 2017 a secret from family and friends. Prior to this, the actor divorced with his wife Lada, but new girl has managed to so captivate Panfilov that he was quick to legitimize the relationship.

“The day after the wedding on television said that Nikita Panfilov married Ksenia Sokolova. On I was immediately offended all the relatives. Everyone thought that I was not invited. So now I realize that my side was pretty stupid. Most of all I was offended mother. Her about my wedding said the father, and told him at work. Dad came to my mom with a bottle of wine with the words: “Congratulations, son married!” She almost fainted did not fall. Cried a week with me, almost never spoke. But then resigned, and seems to have adopted a daughter. What will happen next – we’ll see!” – shared the actor.

Because of the new novel the ex-wife Nikita Lada decided to forbid him to see his son. Moreover, it is claimed on the part of the property acquired during the marriage. According to the actor, the ex-wife wanted to ruin his relationship with Xenia, so I used all the methods. Only recently, as told Panfilov journalists, the situation is normal and he can see my son anytime.

“I just today was my son. We went to the movies, played. Every time Dobrynya just amazes me that he is changing very quickly. My baby is slowly becoming a man. Already seen, as it divides others of his children at the boys and girls. Boy he’s got to win, and the girls he likes to her hair, the door of each opens a hand. It is specifically taught that no one, he somehow makes everything is intuitive. I was the same in childhood – often in love, and all: smile, dress, gait, manner of speech. I wanted to get married three years”, – said Nikita.

At the moment Panfilov busy with work. As recognized by the actor only recently finished shooting the TV series “Presumption of innocence”. Now the star is working on a project of NTV “Bullet” about the fate of a GRU officer. “The military theme I, of course, like any man. If in childhood we played war games, and now movies about the war,” admitted Nikita “Interlocutor”.