Ex-wife Marat Basharova showed rounded belly

Бывшая жена Марата Башарова показала округлившийся живот Apparently, the producer is getting ready to become a mother. A woman came out black in the spacious dress, under which she was trying to hide his interesting position. However, Elizabeth was unable to conceal this fact from the public.

      Бывшая жена Марата Башарова показала округлившийся живот

      Producer Elizabeth Crocco became the guest of the presentation of the project of channel TNT “Drunk firm”. Ex-wife Marat Basharova looked great. She gladly posed for photographers and talked with peers. However, the attention of those present was drawn not only to the stylish women along. From prying eyes noticed the rounded belly of Elizabeth, which she tried to hide it under a voluminous black dress. In conversation with the correspondent Crocko confirmed that it is in position.

      The event channel company Elizabeth made Marat Basharov, as well as their mutual friend.

      Бывшая жена Марата Башарова показала округлившийся живот

      Apparently, the happy father of the child of Elizabeth is her husband – cameraman Sergey Schultz. That he Krutko gave a small Arseny, which came to light in December 2012. It is noteworthy that at first the woman had preferred to keep secret the name of his new chosen one, however, after some time, told about the beloved journalists. The first time the couple appeared together at the premiere of the film “Hero” starring Dima Bilan. At that event, Elizabeth also introduced the beloved colleagues.

      Elizabeth told reporters that her ex and current husband are in a great relationship. In one interview, the woman admitted that her divorce from actor happened no scandals. In addition, despite the fact that Crocco broke up with Marat Basharov, she continues to work with him. A woman holds the position of Director of the celebrity.

      We will remind that Marat Basharov and Elizaveta Krutsko first met at a party. After some time they met on the set of the painting “the Barber of Siberia”. Soon they began to live together. In 2004 Elizabeth gave her lover a charming girl called Amelie.

      At the moment Marat Basharov happy with his civil wife Elizabeth Savercool. In July of this year, the woman gave him a son, Marcel. The lovers are not in a hurry to register the relationship, however, underwent a Muslim ceremony of marriage. According to Savercool, they need time. The beloved actor admitted that it will happen, but later. By the way, the heiress of the artist amélie lives with him and his new wife, but visits the mother at any time when you want. Marat Basharov revealed details of the secret wedding