Ex-wife Marat Basharova his father died

У бывшей жены Марата Башарова умер отец Elizabeth Crocco, first wife of actor and TV host, died the Pope. About this producer announced on his page in the social network. Ex-husband publicly expressed to Lisa my condolences.
У бывшей жены Марата Башарова умер отец

Lisa Crocco is a professional agent for actors, the producer, at the time, graduated from GITIS. Maybe she would have stayed behind the scenes, and never was a public person, if not for the film Nikita Mikhalkov “Siberian Barber”. During the shooting of this picture Lisa met her future husband, actor Marat Basharov. Then Krutko was still married but her first marriage already gave a big crack. Lisa got divorced, and soon began to live with a rising star of cinema. Official marriage Crocko and Basharov has not concluded, and were married according to Muslim traditions for Muslim man Lisa had converted to Islam.

Crocco was the actual wife and agent Marat Basharova, and in 2004 still the mother of his first child, daughter Amelie. They lived together for about ten years, but then parted without quarrels from a log hut. Though once Lisa mentioned that the reason for the divorce was an affair with Tatiana Navka Basharov which rode on the project “Stars on ice”.

У бывшей жены Марата Башарова умер отец

Since it’s been almost ten years. Lisa found her happiness with the operator Sergey Schultz, bore him two children. And despite the past, Crocko continues to communicate and work with Marat Basharov. Former spouses managed to keep warm relations. Lisa supported him during the scandal with Catherine Ancharovoj, and he now, when Crocco lost his father.

Lisa wrote a short message on the social network on the Old new year, on Saturday 13 January: “I have no father…”, and Marat in the comments brought her condolences.

“Cook! We are with you! He was a great man!”, – posted by Marat Basharov.

About Yuri Krutko know very little. Parents ex-wife Basharova lived in a separate house. Elizabeth rarely talked about his mother and father, one only remembered that when I was little and really wanted to do ballet, “dad, the country has built a ballet Barre…”.

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