Бывшая жена Марата Башарова стала жертвой мошенников
On behalf of Elizabeth Crocco collect money “for the child’s treatment from the deadly disease”.

Marat Basharov and Elizaveta Krutsko in 2007

Photo: Yury Feklistov

Elizabeth Crocco was another “star” a victim of fraud. Today
on behalf of Lisa at the mailboxes of her friends and colleagues received a message with a request
help: “Some are probably already aware about the problem of my niece Susie (14
old this bright girl). Last year she was diagnosed with cancer of the tibia…
There’s nowhere to pull, the leg prosthesis is necessary, there are no other options. I want to again
to say that the methods of treatment proved expensive and useless. Now for the prosthesis
you need to collect 800 thousand rubles. The property is sold, the loans involved,
families have been helping all I can. I’ll try to hope on
help your contacts…”.
Given that Lisa is the agent of his former spouse Marat Basharova,
but friends the letters have almost all the representatives of the press. 7days.ru contacted Crocko and found that no niece
Susie Elizabeth never had.

“My email was hacked — said Elizabeth. “I didn’t expect
I would get into such a situation. Friends advised to change the password, you may
will have to contact the police. Fortunately, I managed
to warn my friends that this is a Scam, but many were ready to send
money from email account”.

By the way, another victim of fraud today was Lyanka Grau. Her account on the social network hacked by scammers: they changed the passwords
login now and post it
information — the name of the actress. “Many of you received a message that I
added in Instagram! It’s me! — writes on the page is another social
network expert. Just in case, added myself, if I can’t recover
my old page”. Now the actress is trying to deal with
this situation because of to repay your account for the actress is the case