Ex-wife Kerzhakov: “I gave birth to a girl!”

Бывшая жена Кержакова: «Сегодня я родила девочку!»

Ekaterina Safronova became a mother for the third time. The happy event took place today in 16 hours and 15 minutes. The baby was named Stephanie.

“Stefania was born today, three days ahead of schedule. Feel good statement the other day”, – said Ekaterina Safronova with Woman’s Day.

Recall that Stephanie is the third child of Catherine Safronova. She already has 7-year-old daughter Sonia from hockey player Kirill Safronov and his son Igor, who’s about to turn three years old. However, little Igor Ekaterina haven’t seen in a long time: in may 2014, the child’s father, football player Alexander Kerzhakov, decided to raise her son alone, and Safronov, who lived in a civil marriage, in fact, was put out of his country house on the grounds that she had used drugs.

Now Kerzhakov is married to the daughter of Senator Milan Tulpanov lives with new wife in Switzerland. There they are planning to move and little Igor, and according to some, the boy had already moved to the Pope in Zurich.

Ekaterina Safronova does not affect this situation: in the fall of 2015 Kalinin court of St. Petersburg has restricted her parental rights and in fact forbade her to see her child. Numerous appeals to no avail. Not even the intervention of the well-known Moscow human rights activist, co-owners of the legal company Saferoom Katie Gordon.

The name of the father of her third child Catherine Safronov has chosen not to publicize. But on all dates and deadlines, it’s not exactly the Hulk. By the way, his current wife Milan is not in a hurry to become a mother, although rumors about it from time to time arise.

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