Ex-wife gets 30 times less Tsyganova

Бывшая жена получает в 30 раз меньше Цыганова

Journalists looked into the wallets of ex-spouses and found that the fee of Irina Leonova per month less than her husband during the day.

Yevgeny Tsyganov now at the peak of his acting career. Dizzying success of the recently released “Battle for Sevastopol”, “Territory”, “Fartsa”, “About love”... Work in the theater “Pyotr Fomenko Workshop”, the production in high volume series “Sofia Paleolog”, which promises to become a successful Russian answer to “Game of thrones”… At a conservative estimate, his monthly income over a million rubles.

In the theater of Eugene receives about 200 thousand rubles. One day is paid at the rate of 80 to 150 thousand rubles, writes the “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

Meanwhile, his now ex-wife had to go to work. Someone said that the work in the theater, the star of “the Thaw” Irina Leonova need to escape from family drama, others that simply do not have enough money for the family. In the care of the actress, now seven children.

According to journalists, after leaving for work the actress has acquired a very substantial and, most importantly, a regular income. Salary in the theatre is about 50 thousand rubles. Plus the so-called prospective. Total: monthly fees range from 60 to 120 thousand rubles per month. In addition, Irina can claim social benefits (about 18 136 rubles), as well as the child support if the father of the children refuse to help on their own.

Income Tsyganova, of course, these amounts can not be compared. Irina Leonova for the month receives less than her husband during the day, writes “KP”. However, according to relatives, she never thinks to give up.

“She is planning to appear a lot, playing in the theater, to raise children. Soon seniors will be a support for mom. And the family did not leave, – commented the brother of actress Vladimir Leonov, according to the “StarHit”. – Even though we live in different countries, try to support. That year I came to visit – used to babysit his nephews, brought gifts. Parents in Moscow are, sitting with her grandchildren. Our mom and dad, of course, the first time turned away from Tsyganova. But sometimes you have to communicate, he is the father of the children… And they will never be born back – judge it, not judge”.

We will remind, Evgenie Tsyganov left the seventh child of a pregnant wife in August 2015. The reasons for the separation, both spouses did not comment.

A few months later rumors about a new novel by a popular actor. Journalists drove it with co-star movie “Battle for Sevastopol” by Yulia Peresild, actress of the series “Catherine the Great” Yulia Snigir.

In mid-March it became known that the Shur Tsyganov gave birth to a son. Information was confirmed by friends of the actors. Eugene took the young mother and baby from the hospital and gave his name (read more here). According to the latest data Snigir and Tsyganov live together.

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