Бывшая жена экс-священника из «ДОМа-2» обвинила его любовницу в воровстве Walter Solomentsev torn between Galina and Olesya. Now the mother of his three children is in the hospital because of what the former priest had to leave St. Petersburg. Lisovskaya wanted to support the ex-husband of reality star, but she apprehended it in bayonets.
Бывшая жена экс-священника из «ДОМа-2» обвинила его любовницу в воровстве

Recently it became known that ex-wife stars of the “House-2” Walter Solomentsev Galina was urgently hospitalized – she has lost the kidneys. The problem was discovered during her third confinement, which took place at the end of June. The ex-wife of the former priest had to leave children in the care of his brother, but then he, Walter interrupted his stay with his mistress Olesya lisovska in St. Petersburg to be near her three children and to support the Galina.

She decided to encourage large families mom by posting on your page a picture of her and writing that will order a prayer for the health. However, instead of gratitude, Galina has accused a rival of stealing.

“I appeal to you on your page: stop making out in the web my pictures that you stole from my husband’s computer. I’m sure that he won’t give. As these photos from the family archive and very personal, you understand: in this case, I have the right to sue you in court,” said ex-wife Solomentsev.
Бывшая жена экс-священника из «ДОМа-2» обвинила его любовницу в воровстве

Galina unfortunate that Walter so it goes – after all, they have crowned the marriage, even though they divorced last year. She accuses her that she has brought her much pain and slandered. Ex-wife Solomentsev once again urged the competitor to stop. The former wife of Walter Solomentsev about the third son: “In the column “father” is blank”

Large mother still hopes that her ex-husband come to their senses and return to his family. Periodically, he is attempting to restore relations with his wife – after all, the third son appeared after their divorce. After the birth of little Walter a couple of weeks spent with Galina and children, but then again went to St. Petersburg. Ex-wife is indulgent to such “returns” – she believes that the man was just tired and he needs rest.

But apparently, Walter likes like relationships – when a woman loves, forgives, and gives birth to children, and at another he has to achieve incredible efforts.

“Olesya, I have long since forgiven you for the lies that you tried to disguise my confusion, deceiving that I was beaten, raped and blackmailed you. Stop playing, repent and try to return to the only true feeling that was between us. You will not be easy, because I am very disappointed in you, but I’m sure you’re strong and can fight” – such message addresses Solomentsev lisovska.