Ex-wife decided to revoke the award of the favorite of the battle for “Oscar»

Бывшая жена задумала лишить награды фаворита битвы за «Оскар»
Ex-wife of Gary Oldman called his marriage “a prolonged catastrophe”.

Gary Oldman


This year Gary Oldman, in March of this year will be 60 years old, got real
a chance to bring home an Academy award. Although Oldman starred in his career
almost nine dozens of movies and TV shows and won many awards,
The “Oscar” in his collection yet. He was first nominated (2012) for her role in the Thriller “the Spy,
come forth!”but then the statue he hasn’t got. But this year he is considered
the main favourite for the award —
for his excellent performance as Winston Churchill in the movie “Dark times”. However, recently his ex-wife Doña Fiorentino gave an interview, which he may lose deserved, according to many,

Mrs. Fiorentino was the third wife of the actor. Marriage with her, he was terminated in 2001 and the divorce was accompanied by
loud scandal. Gary accused then Doña drug abuse and
this basis has sued her for custody of sons Gullerim and Charlie. And here
now Fiorentino suddenly decided to talk about how terrible her husband was to her
Oldman, and how she suffered for being his wife.

To deny the fact of their addiction Dona did not dare, he was approved
the results of the tests. However, she described the Oldman as the villain, “destroyed
her life and stole her children.” As
Fiorentino says she really was an addict: it all started with
painkillers, which she was forced to take due to the outbreak of it
rheumatoid arthritis. And then she moved on to harder “doping”… The
time, Gary, she said, not only did not support her wasn’t helping her
get rid of the addiction, and is constantly yelling at her had some wild scenes, and
even supposedly once beat her phone when she tried
call 911… “If I was given a choice: to be eaten by a shark
or again, to live with Gary, I would choose the shark!”says the ex-wife of actor.

In fact, the opportunity to become again the wife of the Oldman exactly has she not
introduce myself. After all, last fall Gary got married again — for the expert on art — Giselle Smith. As for the statements Fiorentino, then they
the truth can cause harm to the actor, because she chose this very suitable
moment. It happened on the wave of Hollywood sexy scandal
harassment, which has led to the fact that all charges inmates
the world of show business, made against men accepted, even
if there is no evidence of the offense. The fact that Doña accused
The Oldman in “domestic violence” before a vote in the Academy,
can affect the outcome.