Бывшая жена поймала Тимати на измене
In a Network there was a revealing video.

Бывшая жена поймала Тимати на измене

Photo: Instagram

Rapper Timati does not like to talk about my personal life, but especially and does not hide it. Just details from the leader Blackstar will not wait. Former civil wife, Timati model Alena Shishkova, not too talkative. But both know that it is personal attract most people.

They built yet another advertising campaign. Recently it became known that Alain and his girlfriend started production of super-healthy lipsticks in bright colors. And the script of the infomercial Shishkov has come up with what is called “Pro-life”.

In the story, the model arrives to a fancy hotel where she must wait for Timothy. It really is in one of the suites of the hotel. Alena walks in, notices on the table a bottle of champagne… and a glass with traces of red lipstick! She takes another glass, too, sparkling drinks, but on the glass of her glass is not the slightest trace…

Photo: a frame from the video

Mother Timothy Simon, which brings their total daughter, while the kids engaged in career and business, supported this work.

“This topic is old… — she wrote in a personal blog. — Very important for me that my children maintain friendships. They strongly support each other in creative and human relations and all this not for show, but sincerely. Alice is still small, but I’m sure she will be proud of their parents!”

3-year-old Alice, incidentally, also showed the video. “It’s mom and dad! she said. — Mom, why did you break a glass?”