Экс-супругу Анастасии Мыскиной приписали связь с бизнесвумен In mid-December, a politician and businessman has informed that has decided to break up with a famous athlete. According to some, Sergey Mamedov enthusiastic owner of beauty salons. The man himself has not commented on the speculation of the public.
Экс-супругу Анастасии Мыскиной приписали связь с бизнесвумен

Two weeks ago, the 36-year-old Anastasia Myskina announced about parting with the civil husband, politician and businessman Sergey Mamedov. The couple separated after 11 years of marriage. Fans of the pair was very surprised at their decision. It was said that Mamedov was the other woman.

Recently, the media the details of the breakup Myskina with her husband. It is alleged that the man really happy in a new relationship. According to the journalists, Mammadov’s wife was a businesswoman Susanne Karpov, who is co-owner of fashion network of beauty salons of premium class. Institution women are not only stars of show-business Tree, Alsu, Elena Temnikova, but a society lady.

Экс-супругу Анастасии Мыскиной приписали связь с бизнесвумен

Alleged beloved Karpov refrains from an interview, and the businessman did not comment on the personal life. He made an exception only in mid-December, when he submitted an official statement about the breakup with Anastasia Myskina. The couple wrote that came to this decision for several years, trying to save the relationship. But all attempts to pair were in vain.

“Our priorities in life and principles more dispersed in different directions. In the end we both came to the conclusion that parting ways would be the best way out of this situation – in an open and honest thing for both of us. We remain close friends to each other, parents of three wonderful sons, which, of course, will allow us to continue to maintain good relations and continue together to educate our children,” – said in the appeal of Myskina and Mamedov.

The famous tennis player was with a businessman and politician from the mid-2000s. Anastasia and Sergey several common children – 9-year-old Eugene, a 7-year-old George and 5-year-old Paul. The pair did not registered the relationship, although, according to the journalists, the star sports long awaited proposals from the chosen one. Mammadov and Myskina lived in a luxurious house in the suburban village of Zhukovka. According to “Express newspaper”, the entrepreneur has long been a new passion.

Before to have an affair with Mammadov, sports star met with the players. At different times, Anastasia was a relationship with Alexander Stepanov and Konstantin Korneev. According to rumors, the latter even planned to make Myskina offer and bought her a ring made of platinum with three diamonds. Constantine and the tennis player were seen together in the jewelry salon, but the man denied the speculation about the upcoming wedding.