Ex-resident Comedy Club Gavriil Gordeev knocked out fans tears

Экс-резидент Comedy Club Гавриил Гордеев выбил из фанатов слезу Showman published a tender greeting to his wife. After thirteen years of marriage, Gabriel Gordeev happy that fate brought him and his wife. Fans of the ex-resident Comedy Club was moved by the publication, which he dedicated to his beloved.

      Ex-resident Comedy Club not long ago amused the audience from the TV screen. Gavriil Gordeev, best known under the pseudonym Le Havre, made a brilliant career on TNT and now rarely appears in the frame. Constant in his life only one thing – a family favorite.

      Gordeev noted the 13 anniversary of marriage with his wife Irina. The couple grows two children. Gabriel was published on the occasion of the anniversary of the gentle greeting to his wife, which so impressed his fans, some moved to tears.

      “Sweetheart, I’m sorry to publish our secret photo, but look at those two on the left! They are very cool and serious people! Thanks to them, that they decided 13 years ago to this wonderful act, by which we’re happy forever! Love you! And this love is incomparable, it is unique and comprehensive, life moving, light giver! Congratulations to us,” – wrote on his page in Instagram Le Havre.

      “Congratulations! Didn’t plan to cry tonight, but very beautiful feelings and words”, “Here’s how it happens. Great you happiness forever” “Beautiful. Happiness to you”, “You are beautiful and wonderful family”, “You are a very awesome couple! Real! Those who love just so good”, “good luck to you and your dear children,” said heart fans Gordeeva.

      Interestingly, in addition to personal victories Gabriel boasts more and creative. In September, the entertainer took the responsible post of Director of TV channel ТНТ4.