Ex-producer was trying to ruin the life of Katya LEL

Экс-продюсер пытался испортить жизнь Кате Лель
Recently the singer Katya LEL came to the Studio of the transmission “Hello, Andrew!” on TV channel “Russia 1”.

Экс-продюсер пытался испортить жизнь Кате Лель

For many years the singer did not discuss the subject of serious conflict with the former producer Alexander Volkov, but finally decided to do it. The man tried to get Katie to not only work together, but also something more.

Экс-продюсер пытался испортить жизнь Кате Лель

“I immediately told him that the role of a mistress will destroy me. Therefore only agreed to give birth to his children, but only in wedlock. He couldn’t leave the family. And then I caught the popularity, and he began to be jealous. Thought that now I don’t need it, because I have a multi-million army of fans. Then began the courts, he wanted in principle to forbid me to act, to deprive all”, – says Katya.

Four years of continued litigation with a former producer, and Lell were able to defend law on the execution of his hits.

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