Ex-producer of “the Ural pelmeni” has paid off with the million of debt

Экс-продюсер «Уральских пельменей» рассчитался с миллионным долгом Sergey Nitievskiy fulfilled obligations to the former spouse. Ex-producer of the team “Ural dumplings” has broken up with his wife two years ago, however, an unpleasant situation for the alimony decided only a few months ago.

Today in a press there was an information that the former producer of the creative team “Ural pelmeni” Sergey Natascha accumulated debt of alimony. According to some reports, the producer is not paid to the heirs of almost half a million rubles. According to journalists, the man broke up with his wife Natalia, two years ago, but was in no hurry to share this news with the public.

“StarHit” contacted Sergey Nitievskiy to learn about the situation firsthand.

“It’s an old story. Debt has long been repaid in full, the issue between us resolved. The fact that it surfaced now – the news from nowhere, – the man told to “StarHit”. We had broken up two years ago, as I most of the time spent in Moscow, and the spouse in Yekaterinburg.”

Marriage with Natalia from a producer there were three children – two sons and a daughter. However, the producer is not inclined to flaunt his family, and therefore is trying to protect loved ones from the scrutiny of the public. Unlike some celebrities, he does not publish pictures of the heirs.

Not so long ago Sergey Nitievskiy appeared in court in the case of the transfer of the trademark to former colleagues in the team “Ural dumplings”. Over one and a half years, the parties could not come to agreement, but because all the disputes have been solved by judges. Ex-Director of “Ural dumplings” on the court: “This is the classic argument of the team with producer”

“This case was about six meetings. But the verdict was always postponed. I don’t understand why they wanted to solve everything through lawyers, because no one was hurt. When I was reinstated as Director in the autumn of last year, I gave the team the right to use the trademark as text, and combined, for a nominal fee of one ruble. I’m not sure, but it seems they wanted to charge me some kind of monetary compensation,” – said the “StarHit” Nitievskiy.