Экс-продюсер «Уральских пельменей» дал жесткий ответ на обвинения в свой адрес Scandal between the team and former head subsides. The artists of the show “Ural dumplings” I think that Sergey Nitievskiy unfairly divided the profits from the project. The man presented his point of view – it assumes that the current Director is trying to make to withdraw the lawsuits.
Экс-продюсер «Уральских пельменей» дал жесткий ответ на обвинения в свой адрес

For the past couple of years the participants of the show “Ural dumplings” arguing with his ex-producer Sergei Nitievskiy. Recently in mass media there was information that actors accused bysecurities in unfair work. According to comedians, the man has appropriated large sums of money, and colleagues paid a small fee, explaining that the TV station is limited in the budget. Sergei himself admitted that he was shocked by such a statement. Moreover, according to Natascha, the staff was misled by another employee. The star of “Ural dumplings” openly talked about the betrayal Natascha

“I understand that they do not themselves, and under the influence of my former Manager Eugene Orlov, who, because of the announced to it of mistrust on the part of the founders, was prematurely released from office in the Director “obsessed media”. He took loans from the company in excess of 100 million rubles without approval of the shareholders. In addition, he brought the rights to all past concerts, the show “Ural dumplings” worth over $ 200 million in favor of the company, where he eventually became Director!” – said the man.

Ex-producer of “the Ural pelmeni” said his lawyers have filed lawsuits on these issues in the arbitration court of Moscow. Nitievskiy argues that the current head is “LLC Uralskie pelmeni production” Evgeny Orlov with such statements of the artists of the show wants to force him to withdraw from the proceedings with the law.

He also justified for the fact that his salary was different from the amount that was received by the artists. He attributes this to the fact that each person in the team has their own area of activities and responsibilities.

“Television is created not only by actors and authors, it is created and promoted by the coordinated team work of the production company under the guidance of producers. I did a great job of the producer and, indeed, made from the KVN team “Ural dumplings” a popular television show! Start a TV project – it’s a different job, compared to actors and authors, a higher level of responsibility, risk and, accordingly, that’s another payment,” says Nitievskiy.

Also, the ex-producer does not understand why his former colleagues not to go to court to finally put an end and to settle all claims.

Nitievskiy recalls a time when artists “Ural dumplings” thanked him for his work. Four years ago there were no signs of trouble – the team worked harmoniously and was glad that the producer offered to join. “Sergei Nitievskiy said, “Let’s take off the 15th anniversary and offer on different channels. We tried to think of the format, like many Members,” – said Sergey Isaev.

The artists trusted the producer and was able to do my work, knowing that all organizational issues will be decided by the Manager.

“Sergei Nitievskiy, it can negotiate with each, take the negativity of some kind. But to organize us to be together. Good for him in this respect,” recalled Dmitry Sokolov.