Экс-участницу «ВИА Гры» заподозрили во второй беременности Tatiana Nainik visited the Center for new moms. The former soloist of group “VIA Gra” has provoked discussion of an interesting situation. The singer shared with the subscribers by the picture taken in the clinic, where there are women waiting for babies.

      Singer Tatiana Nainik, which is remembered by the listeners for his participation in the famous women’s group “VIA Gra”, hinted to fans on new pregnancy.

      A young woman who together with her husband, son of the famous actress Margarita Terekhova Alexander is raising her daughter, Faith, made it clear that once again is expecting a child. Tatiana Nainik visited the Center, where there are mums and will then appear in the light of their heirs. The ex-soloist of “VIA gra” enthusiastically and with great love said about his visit to a medical facility and even took a picture to commemorate the meeting with his specialists.

      “Visited the place where so eager to give birth and to give birth”, signed my photo from the clinic Tatiana Nainik.

      His post was the former star of the pop scene has caused a lot of questions from subscribers. Those immediately began to wonder in connection with what Tatiana had to go to the famous clinic. Actually, the version they have only one pregnancy of a young woman. “Not again whether to give birth visited?”, “You are expecting a baby,” asking Ninik fans. However, Tatiana does not respond to inquiries, probably having decided to reserve the right when to announce until the alleged interesting position.

      It is worth noting that the previous pregnancy was given to the expectant mother very hard, she proceeded against the backdrop of a serious disease, which a few years of suffering Tatiana Nainik and for which she was forced to leave the stage and leave show business. Recall that health problems of the singer began in 2008. Ninik sold all that he had to overcome serious illness. Before pregnancy and during it, the singer roamed the hospitals, in search of salvation from physicians. The actress suffered a severe anxiety-depressive disorder that causes seizures, panic attacks, fear, vasospasm, and headache. The attack could start from any experiences, and did not end without the intervention of specialists.

      However, Tatiana Nainik safely in due time, at the end of August 2015, gave birth to a daughter. Ex-participant of “VIA gra” Tatiana Nainik first showed daughter

      Now posts in her microblog full of happiness and positivity. The actress is enjoying motherhood and prefers not to complain about their health, and asking subscribers about the health of the leaves.