Ex-participant of “VIA gra” has ended her ex-mother-in-law to take her daughter

Экс-участница «ВИА Гры» рассказала о попытке бывшей свекрови отобрать ее дочь

The new heroine of the program “million dollar Secret” was a former member of the group “VIA Gra” Anna Sedokova. In the Studio Anna was very outspoken in her eyes for almost the whole air were full of tears.

The first difficult issue that talked women in the Studio, the marriage of Anne with the football player of Kiev “Dynamo” Valentin Belkevich.

Экс-участница «ВИА Гры» рассказала о попытке бывшей свекрови отобрать ее дочь

Anna admitted that the ex-spouse who is no longer alive, was not a generous and honest with her, had an affair, which eventually led to the couples divorce. Sedokova filed for divorce. Took my daughter who was born to this marriage, and left.

During all this time that the couple was divorced, Sedokova did not require the former husband’s child support, because he considered himself a strong woman and knew her children, she is able to feed itself. However, after the death of Valentin Belkevich, Anna decided to fight for the legacy that he left. Struggle Anna had with his mistress ex-lover Lesia.

Экс-участница «ВИА Гры» рассказала о попытке бывшей свекрови отобрать ее дочь

In the Studio, “the secret of the million,” Anna first learned about the Association of her husband with his mistress lasted for years and first saw her face All the time that he lived with Sedokova, it is almost always spent the night with me. He was with me before the wedding with Anna. He begged me to understand him and to forgive.”

After the death of the footballer, the mistress got rid of all of the assets of Valentin Belkevich, leaving only the apartment in which lived Anna and for which she is now fighting through the courts.

“I married a man who already cheated on me. God, good thing I found out now and not then 19. And why did he get married then? If you’re happy with another man, why did you get married? Why spoil your life?” – said Sedokova was in the program when I first found out about the long connection of her husband with his mistress.

By the way, the father of the second child Anna, though had developed a more casual relationship, from experience it is not saved.

It turns out that the mother of Maxim Cherniavsky Sedokova wants to deprive parental rights to select and granddaughter Monica.

However, Sedokova promises to do everything to ensure that the child stayed with her.