Ex-participant of “the Voice” Yuliana Melkumyan: “Leps kind, I loved him!”

Экс-участница «Голоса» Юлиана Мелкумян: «Лепс добрый, я так его полюбила!» The singer told “StarHit” about the bad feeling before going on stage. Yuliana Melkumyan has not passed to the next round, losing to Cyril Babaevo and Niko Neman. The actress has told, than it struck the rest of the participants and what was she going to do after the show.

      Экс-участница «Голоса» Юлиана Мелкумян: «Лепс добрый, я так его полюбила!»

      22-year-old singer Yuliana Melkumyan was the first in the blind auditions of the fifth season of the popular show “the Voice” on channel one. The girls vocals evaluated by all jury members, but she chose the team of Grigory Leps. Despite the fact that the performer has successfully passed one stage of the competition after another, after the “Knockouts” she left the show. In a conversation with “StarHit” Juliana spoke about anticipation before a performance and about future plans in show business.

      What did you feel when dropped out of the competition?
      Экс-участница «Голоса» Юлиана Мелкумян: «Лепс добрый, я так его полюбила!»I knew I was not going on – with me very strong the guys were. Leaving the scene, I already had a premonition that I have to leave the project.—
      Maybe it is this attitude and prevented?
      Экс-участница «Голоса» Юлиана Мелкумян: «Лепс добрый, я так его полюбила!»No, I think I sang very well, the hall I was warmly received. But I felt very physically and mentally tired, I got sick. So this stage was the most difficult for me. When called our three, very upset, I’m going to sing with such strong guys, so don’t expect a different outcome. Of course, to go hard in the head thought: “What, am I worse than others?” But I’m fine with that – it’s meant to be. Grateful to Gregory V., he even gave me a chance to be on this stage. And in General, I admire the whole team – back-vocalists, musicians, editors, who from morning to night work with us, all a low bow.

      You sang the song Natalia Podolsky “Later”. Why did you choose it?
      Экс-участница «Голоса» Юлиана Мелкумян: «Лепс добрый, я так его полюбила!»I sent Gregory V. the list of songs that I would like to fulfill. Leps chose the song Podolsky, because he felt that at this stage it suits me more. —
      Natalia Podolskaya came to your performance. What she told you, maybe, gave some words of encouragement?
      Экс-участница «Голоса» Юлиана Мелкумян: «Лепс добрый, я так его полюбила!»She said all right – to be more calm, to show the voice, she supported me. Most interesting is that the song she sang in the same age as me now.

      How the family react to the fact that you left the project? Very upset?
      Экс-участница «Голоса» Юлиана Мелкумян: «Лепс добрый, я так его полюбила!»Of course, everything is upset. Friends said that for them, I’m still the winner. I understand that this is a game and should leave with dignity. Now in social networks write that was rooting for me, and I performed adequately. So nice! And yet today I had a dream that when I came out, I got a call from the First channel and said that I got so much audience votes and they want me to be in the team. Sorry that dream didn’t come true.—
      Who is now going to hurt? Are there any favorites?
      Экс-участница «Голоса» Юлиана Мелкумян: «Лепс добрый, я так его полюбила!»Yes, of course! Rooting for Dasha Stavrovich, Alexander Panayotov. Team Agutin allocate Nicole Knaus. Polina Gagarina is Tatiana Shamanina, Michael Zhitov. Of the wards Dima Bilan – of course, Tornike Quatation and produce and Oksana Kazakova.

      You took part in Armenian version of “the Voice”. Tell me, how everything passed?
      Экс-участница «Голоса» Юлиана Мелкумян: «Лепс добрый, я так его полюбила!»When collected, delivered an ultimatum – or you go on stage now or you are transferred to the next set. I came out still on stage, but I knew that I’ll fail. When I was 20 years old, just a little, Yes, I still baby for such a project as “the Voice”. Alexander Panayotov, Dasha Stavrovich, Ilya Tails – they are the star, they all know. But honestly, I would give way to those who are unknown to the public. —
      Eminent participants did not behave arrogantly towards you?
      Экс-участница «Голоса» Юлиана Мелкумян: «Лепс добрый, я так его полюбила!»I thought Panayotov – such a star, but in real life he is so simple, I love him so much! If Sasha wins I will be very happy, he deserve this victory, we cheer for him. It is for me, man-music, his voice is really something. I’m friends with everyone. Nobody walks with their nose, all talk and support each other. —
      Why did you decide to take part in the Russian version?
      Экс-участница «Голоса» Юлиана Мелкумян: «Лепс добрый, я так его полюбила!»I was sitting in front of the TV, looked around and said: “I want to go Lord, give me a chance.” Some say that it is all purchased, but it’s not, it’s only fair. But then I also doubt. Now we understand that if you have the talent, zeal, you’re willing to work – you opened the road. Talent can not buy. I sent an application for a fourth season. And imagine in front of me had only one person, when told that all is already gained. I threw on this season. And in the blind auditions I was the first, for which I am grateful to the Directors. It’s such an honour to open the new season. —
      Your performance in the blind auditions has gained a huge amount of views in the Network. As perceived popularity?
      Экс-участница «Голоса» Юлиана Мелкумян: «Лепс добрый, я так его полюбила!»I dreamt that I was paying attention. When I write that the song was included in their life after my performance, I’m so pleased. I answered them all online at opportunities, I love them all. As I said, when I come off stage “Voices,” I am very pleased that all appeared in my life, for me it is a great reward.
      Tell us how you started singing? Do you have musical education?
      Экс-участница «Голоса» Юлиана Мелкумян: «Лепс добрый, я так его полюбила!»I was 16 when I decided to sing. I now have a wonderful teacher Irina. However, before her, I learned from the other. She told me that I can’t sing and nothing happens. And one day, I heard Irina and said that I needed to do. Here her faith and helped me. I won five Grand Prix at all-Russian competitions, I was invited to Japan, and in St. Petersburg offered free training. It’s all thanks to my teacher. I graduated from the pedagogical University, can teach vocals. —
      Do you have a twin sister. She is also involved in music?
      Экс-участница «Голоса» Юлиана Мелкумян: «Лепс добрый, я так его полюбила!»Oksana older than me by 10 minutes. She’s not involved in music, but also sings, but only for themselves. Sister was very worried, and when I left, in tears.

      What was the most memorable project?
      Экс-участница «Голоса» Юлиана Мелкумян: «Лепс добрый, я так его полюбила!»The highlight for me was when I had to choose between Olga and me in “Duels”. Well, of course, my leaving. And the blind auditions, too, was very exciting! I’m now reviewing, I do not believe that I was all turned around. Gregory V. always told me “my little Armenian’, quite a baby, everything will be fine!” He is very kind, I love him so much. —
      What are your future plans? Going to conquer show business? Grigory Leps may have offered you a contract?
      I want to, I really hope that it will, but it is not going to reveal all the secrets, let while remain secret. But the future life will be linked with the scene. I believe in the dream – I want to be on the big stage, singing to grow.