Ex-participant of the show “the Bachelor” is credited with the pregnancy

Экс-участнице шоу «Холостяк» приписывают беременность The former mistress of Alexey Vorobyov, the main character in the fourth season of romantic show “the Bachelor”, Nataliya Tkalina is likely to be in position. This conclusion was made by Internet users, noticing the change in the wardrobe of the model.
Экс-участнице шоу «Холостяк» приписывают беременность

Nataliya Tkalina has become one of the most prominent member of the romantic reality show “the Bachelor.” Model, artist and a beauty, she became one of the strongest participants of the fourth season. She, among others, fought for the attention of Alexey Vorobyov. A girl once said of himself. After strict selection, becoming one of 15 finalists, Natalia suddenly refused to accept a rose from the hero, that is, to consent to further participation in the project. At the time of filming she was 32 years old, she studied interior design and believed that a reality show isn’t right for her. But since Natalia really liked Alexei Vorobyov, she decided to stay. Tkalina admitted that the decision to participate in the project for her was one of the most daring in life. She almost reached the final, but left the show, leaving only two participants.

“I feel satisfaction after his departure from the project, as it is the same love that Alex is so eager, I need to ask him for such a short time arose. Sympathy was clear. Otherwise I would have gone myself. But here he is like a man took full responsibility and gave the chance to develop our relations. And again, here triggered my principle that I follow in life: “Everything that is done — all the best!”. So, he is not my man and I ain’t his woman. I wish Alexey to find a soul mate, and most importantly, to be able to make your woman completely happy!”, — said Nataliya Tkalina “StarHit”.
Экс-участнице шоу «Холостяк» приписывают беременность

Natalia admitted that she dreams about family and children, but about his personal life after the project “the Bachelor,” a young woman is especially did not extend.

Tall and slender Natalia recently boasted a perfect figure, showing the body in tight outfits and swimsuits. However, the last time Tkalina is increasingly making selfies and stuff is free. Therefore, members concluded that the woman is pregnant.

By the way, in the fourth season was not the winner. Alexey Vorobyov at the end of the show and could not choose between the two girls and chose to remain single.

Экс-участнице шоу «Холостяк» приписывают беременность