Экс-участница «Дома-2» Виктория Берникова закрутила роман с олимпийским чемпионом The young woman has already commented on the new relationship. According to Victoria, she accepts the advances from the well-known sportsman and businessman. However, while Bernikov not ready to formally present the man as her lover.

Scandalous participant of the project “Dom-2” Victoria Bernikov has gone through a painful divorce, made the beating the ex-wife of Leonid Plainsboro and disputes over parental rights to the child. After all the horrors the young woman had repeatedly admitted that he dreams to find true love, meet the good man. Apparently, she succeeded.

In a recent interview Bernikov has told that is in close contact with the Olympic champion from Greece Ilya Pavlidis. As it turned out, the man had already met her one-year old son Leo.

“Elijah shows me signs of attention, it is clear that he is a serious man, a professional boxer. Came on the day of the birth of his son, to congratulate me. While I’m not ready for a new relationship, but the courtship is pleasant to me,” said Bernikov.

It turns out that Victoria and Ilya introduced Sasha Artemov, which for many years is friends with the man. According to his wife, Eugene’s Cousin, Olympic champion had long dreamed about a serious relationship, but can not meet the woman of his dreams.

“He has two children, he was 39 years old. Pavlidis owns his own concrete plant in Moscow and a hotel in Lazarevskoye. One day Elijah told me he wants to fall in love, and I showed him the Wiki profile in social networks. The guys exchanged letters and began to communicate. As far as I know, on the birthday of the son she introduced a boyfriend as a family. It’s great that they are forming relationships,” said Artyomov.

According to Sasha, her friend deserved happiness. Victoria has repeatedly complained about the cruelty of the former spouse. In June 2015 she became the main heroine of the program “live”. Bernikov was then told that the beloved Leonid kept it a week in captivity, regularly beaten.

Despite the assault, Victoria married rowdy and even bore him a child. Later, the young woman still filed for divorce. However, after this Leonid Plasynski didn’t want to leave her alone. In recognition Bernikova, the man was following her for a few months, and only after the ex-participant of “House-2” threatened him with police, the man surrendered.

Fans of Victoria are very happy for her. They hope that now the young woman will be able to find happiness and forget about the cruelty of the former husband. Dealing with “Дом2Life” , Bernikov stressed that while all her thoughts are occupied with child rearing and development of business projects. However, she does not deny that relations with the Greek Olympic champion will soon be able to reach a new level.