Ex-participant of “House-2” told about the affair with a married man

Экс-участница «Дома-2» поведала о романе с женатым мужчиной Anastasiya Lisova explained why he decided on a rhinoplasty, which she did in September. So she wanted to transform himself not only inside but also outside. On changes in life Lisov pushed painful breakup with a loved one. According to Anastasia, all the tests came crashing down on her for a reason.

      26-year-old former participant of “House-2” Anastasiya Lisova recently made a rhinoplasty, explained the reason for his action. Celebrity told us that it is only the beginning of changes in her life, followed by other transformation. According to Lisovoy, it happened for a reason. Anastasia decided to have surgery to relive a painful breakup with someone who was dishonest with her. The girl felt real feelings for him, but they were non-reciprocal.

      Eks-the participant “Houses-2” Anastasiya Lisova made Hollywood nose

      “I met a man who introduced him to their parents and friends, and he was married and with kids. As it turned out, this man belonged to the category of people who lie, always everywhere and in everything. After the bitter truth I faced the pain of disappointment. I was torn into 1000 small pieces, I didn’t know what to do with themselves”, – said Anastasia “StarHit”.

      To cope with the shock after cheating loved one was not easy. Anastasia sank into a deep depression, she was only saved by the pills. Friend Lisovoy was not able to help her. Every time a girl left alone with her thoughts, she was not feeling well.

      “The first time I drank sleeping pills and sedatives just to get plenty of sleep and not feel pain, emptiness and sorrow. Then I realized that more can not continue, and began to look for exits from this state. Conversations with friends did not help, and trips to the city gave only a temporary effect. Even the psychologist told me that only time will help,” admitted Lisova.

      In a moment of despair she decided to seek the assistance of finalist from the sixth season of “Battle of psychics” Irradio Rzayev.

      “In addition to everything else it turned out that I had damage. But I breathed a sigh of relief when he said that necessarily will help me. I didn’t want to wait anymore, I wanted to start to live again,” said Lisova.

      In recognition of the former participant “Houses-2”, she stood at a crossroads. She had two choices – to leave everything and give up or believe in myself again and move forward with renewed vigor. Lisova chose the latter. “Inside of me there was a transformation. But the changes are not unilateral. I wanted to change my appearance. I convinced myself that rhinoplasty will help me to improve my life”, – explained his decision to do the surgery Anastasia.

      Lisova said that this change in her appearance does not end there. In the future she plans to get a Hollywood smile. According to celebrity, all difficult situations are for the benefit of man. “They make us better people – wiser, wiser, smarter, stronger, and of course the beautiful” Anastasia said with “StarHit”.