Ex-participant of group “Cream” praying for son’s health

Экс-участница группы «Сливки» молится за здоровье сына The boy fell under a swing. The former soloist of group “Cream” Darya Yermolayev believes that the child has a concussion and a fracture of the frontal bone. Fans experience and support the artist.
Экс-участница группы «Сливки» молится за здоровье сына

The former participant of group “Cream” Daria Ermolaeva has two sons, Bruno and max. Now the young mother is very worried about the health of their youngest child. As it turned out, – year-old boy received a shock swing to the head. The actress blames himself for what happened. Daria is upset that I did not finish for the baby, but because he could not avoid the injury. Now Ermolaeva waiting for doctor’s findings.

“Still can’t get over it and sleep. These wild metal swing. Huge adult children are flying and these kids are riding. Max is actually such a difficult age, and obvious hyperactivity”, – said Daria fans.

Followers and friends hurried to comfort the mother and wish the boy a speedy recovery. They understand that it was difficult to discern for two toddlers at the same time. According to Yermolayev, the child received a concussion, and she suspects a fracture of the frontal bone. However, the final verdict will be reached by the doctors after a complete examination.

Экс-участница группы «Сливки» молится за здоровье сына

Recently Daria with the children returned from Brazil to Russia. She’s going to go to court to fight for the rights of kids with ex-husband. She realizes that she will have a difficult task and a long trial. Yermolayev believes that the divorce was finalized the rules. The ex-soloist of group “Cream” fighting a serious illness alone

“Given that this happened at all without my presence unilaterally, and Bruno there wasn’t. That will be a surprise to them when I come, finally, to the court to deal with the child” – said a young mother.
Экс-участница группы «Сливки» молится за здоровье сына

Daria promised that he would keep the podeschi know what is happening in her life. She hopes that this experience can be useful to someone else. The artist realizes that he was in a difficult situation, but hopes to find a way out of it. It turned out that among the podeschi Daria were women, who also are raising children alone, and do not receive assistance from ex-husbands and fathers of their children.

The former soloist of group “Cream” is convinced that many men do not realize the responsibility that appears to them after the baby is born. However, it is nice that the laws in most cases on the side of women and give at least some hope of protection.

Экс-участница группы «Сливки» молится за здоровье сына“Men, most of them, alas, do not understand what the children what they need to sleep, eat, play and so on and so forth. A lot of effort and most importantly patience,” says Ermolaev.