Ex-participant of “Eurovision” of Macedonia died

Экс-участница «Евровидения» из Македонии скоропостижно скончалась According to foreign media reports, ESMA redzhepova passed away at the age of 73 years. It was called the Queen of Gypsy music. Three years ago, she represented the country in international competition.

    In Macedonia said goodbye to the Queen of Gypsy music ESMA Redzepova. The woman died at the age of 73 years after a short illness. The singer has raised seven children and 47 foster children is at home, a mother-heroine. Now the well-known performer of Gypsy music grows about 100 grandchildren. ESMA redzhepova memorable to a wide audience with his performance on “Eurovision” in 2013.

    According to National public radio, the Gypsy was part of the 50 best voices in the world. According to one of foreign channels, she departed this life on Sunday evening.

    Redzhepova began her career in the 1950-ies. At fourteen she sang on local radio a song Čaje Šukarije (“Beautiful girl”). Later this tune was in the movie Sasha Cohen’s “Borat.” In 1957, the ESMA noted producer and musician Stevo Teodosievski. He convinced the parents of Gypsy to let her go to work in his team. After 11 years of Stevo and ESMA combined bonds of marriage. Their creative tandem has existed for about 30 years. However, after his death in 1997, ESMA began a solo career. Mostly, Gypsy sang songs in the folk style. ESMA is a member of the world organization of Roma and was even nominated for the Nobel peace prize.

    In 2013, ESMA redzhepova and the Macedonian singer Vlatko lozanoski represented the country on one of the most prestigious international competitions “Eurovision”. They played the song in their native language, Pred Da Se Razdeni (“Before dawn”). Despite the brilliant performance, to get into the top five they failed.

    Recall that Russia at “Eurovision” in 2013 were represented by Dina Garipova. With the song What If a girl took fifth place. “It was such a wonderful adventure in my life of which I dreamed in childhood. I wanted to go on such competition, especially for “Eurovision” Oh, my God! One word only is worth. And I’m happy to be here, to be part of this. And I hope that will still be in our lives very many wonderful holidays” – then told the actress.