Ex-member of “the Voice. Children” Victoria’s Grain: “Many people dream to get to Pelageya»

Экс-участница «Голос. Дети» Виктория Дробина: «Многие мечтают попасть к Пелагее» The first channel was the start of the 5th season populyarnogo music TV show for Teens. This year to work with young artists will Pelageya, Valery Meladze and that’s that. “StarHit” decided to find out what kind of mood prevails behind the scenes of the show.
Экс-участница «Голос. Дети» Виктория Дробина: «Многие мечтают попасть к Пелагее»

The last questionnaire to participate in the new season of project organizers took in November last year. And today will start to broadcast “blind” auditions.

In the show can still participate young singers from 7 to 14 years, who passed the preliminary auditions.

Altogether there were more than 7 thousand demands, a thousand young singers came to the selection in the “Ostankino” and only 123 people admitted to “blind”.

“StarHit” asked the ex-contestants of last season’s “Children. The voice” is 16-year-old Victoria’s Grain, which this year is working on the project the young reporter, as are the performances of young artists, are there intrigue behind the scenes of the show, and – who of the mentors like the contestants.

“It will probably be one of the most exciting seasons of “the Voice. Children.» Basta for the first time on the show. I think he will have a strong team with a good repertoire. To me that’s much closer in style. Pelageya sings more folk songs, Valeri Meladze still belongs to another generation. And that’s very popular among young people, he even communication closer to us, teenagers and children. I want to note that Basta good contacts with the audience. He’s always talking to the audience, always makes everyone laugh and smile. He did not hesitate. And very responsive,” said Victoria.

It should be noted that the mentors in the show are pretty experienced. However, Valery Meladze worked before only on the project “Voice. Children”, and Basta and Pelagia was in the jury and in the “adult” seasons.

“That’s a lot of jokes, but I think he’s still very serious. I can see how often he turns to the speakers. He need to feel the energy, hear her. The impression is that only the voice not enough for him,” said the ex-participant of the project.

At the end of “blind” auditions, recall that each head coach can recruit to your team for 15 performers. Followed by “matches”, in which teams each member of the jury will be divided into three, from each to the next round will only have one contestant. Finalists Meladze, Pelagia and Basta will choose on the stage, which is commonly called “Bleed”. And in the final, deciding vote will be audience – when you get the opportunity to vote…

“There are very little kids, there are foreigners who do not speak Russian. They look different… Of course, some kids are shy backstage, but on stage and become real stars. So far there is no intrigue. It all starts when you go the competition between mentors, between the teams. I’m sure everyone wants to win,” said Vick.

Ex-contestant of the show also revealed how the performers react if one of the mentors for them not turned.

“Little kids sometimes there are tantrums, tears. They quickly fade, in a day or two after the broadcast. They just don’t fully understand what is the level of the First channel! All first worried, but then everything will be fine”, – said Pellet.

Victoria noticed that this season many guys dream to get to Pelageya: “Children are easier to communicate with the girl. The guys think that she is very kind, open…»

By the way.

Victoria Drobina said in an interview with “StarHit” that after the project her life has changed for the better, of course. However, the ex-contestant of the show has no plans to devote her life to the stage. While Vic is preparing for final exams at school, and who plans to become in the future is not yet decided.

“From the 4th season a few with whom I communicate. On my team [Nyusha] children were much younger than me, so we have a few common themes. But from the other seasons with some of the contestants became friends, because guys my age… In the class above me good-naturedly joked. Said: “Oh, the star came to school!”But in fact, the classmates are very excited, it’s cool. Envy no one was. Of course, some rumors are spreading, but there is not enough”.