Экс-участница «Холостяка» Анастасия Смирнова: «Боялась, что шоу разрушит дружбу с Егором» The final is approaching, so Egor creed and of the pretender to his heart returned to Moscow. Sunday evening with the artist and the other girls said goodbye to one of the brightest participants of the project Anastasia Smirnova. The reality star shared with “StarHit” his thoughts after leaving.
Экс-участница «Холостяка» Анастасия Смирнова: «Боялась, что шоу разрушит дружбу с Егором»

Interchange Dating show “the Bachelor” Egor Creed is very close. After the next release with the artist said goodbye 27-year-old Anastasia Smirnova from Nizhny Novgorod. The girls formed a scandalous reputation, the viewers called it one of the main instigators of the project. Some even believed that Smirnova participated in the casting solely in order to attract attention to himself. Anastasia herself has denied such speculation. The blonde was a huge advantage – she knew Egor even before “the Bachelor,” but it didn’t help her to reach the final. Smirnov said “StarHit”, whether it agrees with the decision of the creed, and shared his attitude towards other contestants.

Participant of “the Bachelor,” Anastasia Smirnova: “Mom wanted me to behave”


“First of all, I realized that I no longer want to participate in a reality show, and this was my last project is categorically said Smirnov. – I learned how to be friends with girls. Found themselves allies, like-minded people and realized that more on the screen in reality I don’t want to be. Because until the end I still don’t believe in sincerity. I could be, for example, creative producer, as a lot know about it”.

Экс-участница «Холостяка» Анастасия Смирнова: «Боялась, что шоу разрушит дружбу с Егором»


“Another casting decided that I will not by all possible means to make his way to the finals. I’m not especially good, to please the audience, I will not fawn over all that Yegor chose me. I had not thought to reach the final, although the three I saw myself, of course. Egor for me – not the main prize. I just wanted to understand our relationship. And understand: if you see that something does not work and what can not be forced, will stand up and leave. That’s what we did. It is better to walk away than to get in the end rose from the man you knew before the project.

The girl said I made the right choice, to which she had long prepared. “Last week the Villa was very hard for me. I was much more important what will happen after the project, not what happens in reality. Was afraid that this project will destroy our friendly relations with Egor. I didn’t want to”.


“We Yegor at that time simply did not understand. Of course, I wanted to hear another word. He said that I will not hold”. And then Smirnov got up and left.

“But he could say so, – considers the ex-member of “the Bachelor”, – “if you want to leave, but I wouldn’t want that”. But it turned out the way it did. Then in the TEXT I explained everything to him. Is the main reason for my leaving, but about it nobody will ever know. Very sorry that went that way. Wanted to do it on a good note. However, this group date with a lawyer, where he asked questions, like an interview… I Think, Yegor realized that we did not succeed relationships in the project. After a project is possible. All the deep emotions it will still show after the project”.


“Every girl is worthy of love – sure, Anastasia. But not Yegor, but just men who like, with whom there is mutual sympathy. And who is worthy of love Egor – I can not answer. Worthy of respect every girl who came to him, and not for the sake of their goals.”


According to Anastasia, their relationship only worsened. “But that’s probably as it should be, although I didn’t want it, says eliminated contestant of reality. We simply each other did not understand. He didn’t know what irritated me many things that I communicate with the girls much more than he is, and know much. He believed that I played, and I’m just tired of looking at a lie. For those who said Yegor, those behind the project have met guys with bouquets of flowers… I Hope that someday we will meet and talk, with humor it all remember… do Not want to think. We with Egor have different views on reality shows. I know a little more of it, and for him this is the first part. In one word, and is gone – no regrets”.