Экс-солитска «Сливок» не может смириться с потерей отца Dad Darya Yermolayev died. The former soloist of group “Cream” may never recover, but the care of small children don’t allow her to fall into depression. However, she could not dare to talk about the experiences your fans.

      Fans of the former soloist of the popular girl group “Slivki” Daria Ermolaeva was concerned that it took so long made itself felt – in her microblog to not show the posts and comments. It turned out that the singer is experiencing a severe loss – her father died. Daria was too depressed to interact with fans.

      “Come to the conclusion that you’re finally an adult when no one else to call you his beloved daughter. Sorry all that was lost – don’t answer and don’t contact. Trying to understand this terrible loss and to live through. I ask once again for forgiveness. And a huge thanks to my children, do not give time and opportunity to fall into depression. But only strength to live on. Best and favorite dad… Hope you’re better now and calmer, finally. There are no words to convey how much I miss and sad. Love you always. Hi there mom from us,” wrote Ermolaeva.

      The subscribers hastened to reassure her, to assist and support her in such difficult period of life. They sincerely condole with Daria. “Oh, God, dashulia, no words. I’m really sorry. Hang in there, sweetie. Sending you some love and warmth, My condolences. Hang In There, Dasoul. People alive, still alive the memory of them. And friends and family forever in our hearts”, “Daluna, dear, hold on. Very sorry for your loss, a terrible loss. No words… for the Sake of the kids be strong, the bright memory of daddy,” wrote a follower.

      Daria was very proud of his father, Yuri Ermolaev, who has dedicated his life to the circus arts. The trainer died in late January in Moscow. The man was 84 years old. The singer even complained that not ends up – because her mother, Marina Yermolayeva, also went to the circus.

      Daria tries to escape from the sad thoughts, worrying about their sons. In late December, the actress became a mother for the second time. She had a baby at a clinic in Brazil and now she is trying to establish a way of life. According to her friend Teona Dolnikova, former spouse Ermolaeva lied to her: that Yermolaev was forced to sell the house in Moscow and move to South America. However, there is a man left a pregnant actress in the lurch. The ex-soloist of group “Cream” fighting a serious illness alone