Ex-lover Yegor creed is pregnant by a 64-year-old billionaire

Экс-возлюбленная Егора Крида ждет ребенка от 64-летнего миллиардера Once Xenia Delhi attributed the affair with Justin Bieber, but the happiness she found in her marriage with an Egyptian businessman. Now the pair is preparing for the long-awaited advent of the firstborn. Expectant mother receiving congratulations from fans.
Экс-возлюбленная Егора Крида ждет ребенка от 64-летнего миллиардера

28-year-old model from Moldova Xenia Delhi, who is married to Egyptian billionaire Osama Fathi Rabah al-Sharif, and shared good news. The girl plans to become a mother for the first time.

Instagram lady of the businessman there was a picture where it shows a distinctly rounded belly. “I’m happy,” said Xenia, a post accompanied by a number of hashtags, leaving no doubts about its interesting position.

Экс-возлюбленная Егора Крида ждет ребенка от 64-летнего миллиардера

Apparently, the father of the child was the husband of Delhi Osama Fathi Rabah al-Sharif. The Network has repeatedly floated rumors that the couple don’t actually live together, and she has married by calculation. However, the Delhi denies any such speculation. The chosen girl would do anything for her, and regularly pleases her gorgeous gifts. So, last summer the couple celebrated a year since the wedding. In honor of the important dates Osama Fathi Rabah al-Sharif has decorated her room with huge bouquets of flowers and bundles of balloons. “Pink tale from the beloved,” wrote new Delhi in Instagram.

Экс-возлюбленная Егора Крида ждет ребенка от 64-летнего миллиардера

Fans of the couple never cease to melt the harmony that reigns in their relationship. Xenia was repeatedly asked when she will finally become a mother. The model said that she and her husband are working on adding to the family. Due to the fact that Xenia often removed, she is forced to spend a lot of time away from her husband. Delhi promised to make a break in work when is expecting a child.

Luxurious marriage ceremony of the Moldovan model and Osama Fathi Rabah al-Sharif was held in June 2016. A chic celebration, held on Santorini island, wrote almost all the world’s tabloids. According to journalists, the wedding cost the Egyptian billionaire in million euros, except for bridesmaid dress from a famous French designer. Lovers are invited to feast with about 150 people. A pair of guests admired the spectacular views and was photographed near canopy of live flowers, which cost the groom a large sum.

Last year, Ksenia took part in the filming of “the Secret millionaire”. The intent of the producers was to live the life of ordinary working people. Delhi had to look for a job and a roof over my head. The choice of the businessman admitted that she had a very hard time. However, Xenia was able to overcome himself and coped with its task.

Before, how to marry a billionaire, Delhi met with Yegor Creed, and earlier models were thought to have an affair with Justin Bieber on the set of the video “What Do You Mean?”.