Экс-возлюбленный вдовы Алексея Петренко отказывается от внебрачного ребенка Became known some facts from the past Ulugbek Suleimanov. According to the widow of Alexei Petrenko Azim Abdumuminov, her alleged ex-man has another child living with her mother abroad. Ulugbek himself denies this information.
Экс-возлюбленный вдовы Алексея Петренко отказывается от внебрачного ребенка

For the second consecutive day in the Studio “program Andrey Malakhov. Live” continue to discuss the situation, which turned out to be the widow of Alexei Petrenko Azim Abdumuminov. A resident of Bishkek Ulukbek Suleymanov says is the father of the daughter of the artist Melania. A man calls a girl Aliya and resolves the conflict he had with Asimos, in court.

Why the widow of Alexei Petrenko prohibits daughter to undergo DNA test

The lawyer Suleymanov Anatoly Safonov stated that the widow of theater and movie stars encountered serious problems.

“From Abdumuminov is tragicomedy. The situation is a losing one for her. On it in Kyrgyzstan, a criminal case on the fact of forgery. And I’d also like to refute allegations that Ulukbek will receive dividends from Melania. This is nonsense. After having recognized paternity Ulugbek, the so-called Melania will not qualify for inheritance Petrenko. And this will all be forgotten,” said the representative reported.
Экс-возлюбленный вдовы Алексея Петренко отказывается от внебрачного ребенка

The eldest daughter of Alexei Petrenko Pauline believes that Melania really had her father. Moreover, the woman suggests that the actor could die a violent death. In the last broadcast Pauline spoke about the exhumation of the body of the star. She does not hide the negative attitude to Azime Abdumuminov.

The witch Potalova Rima argues that the wife of Alexei Petrenko turned to her, wanting to have an impact on the artist. According to the woman, Azim allegedly wanted to fall in love with the actor. “The beginning was laid for me. I said – here are my terms and boundaries. Doing a love spell, that’s it, stop it,” says the witch. However Abdumuminov, said Potalova, went further.

Экс-возлюбленный вдовы Алексея Петренко отказывается от внебрачного ребенка

Friend Azimi Gulnara Degenbaeva called the people present in the Studio to revisit the issue in the legal plane. “Alexey Vasilyevich loved this girl, Ulukbek too. Now all that is coming up around this story,” said the woman.

The leader of the program Andrey Malakhov told about the call Abdumuminov. Prior to filming Azim said that Ulukbek has another daughter who lives abroad. Representatives Suleymanov began to refute this information. However, the father of men jumabay suddenly confirmed the words of the widow of Alexey Vasilyevich.

“There is another granddaughter, lives in Japan… was one Kazakh, studied in Malaysia to be a theologian. Got here, wanted to marry my son. He refused, she got pregnant and married a Malaysian. From there went to Japan. The child there is life, a very rich family. The child, too, probably about seven,” he said.

Himself Ulukbek said that such speculation was untrue. The man has not confirmed the information about the presence of his second daughter. “I was friends with this girl. Don’t know where father got it,” explained Suleymanov. His mother Nurbubu also not aware of this story. “The first time I hear,” she says.