Ex-lover Lena posted her intimate photos

Экс-возлюбленный Лены Лениной выложил ее интимное фото “StarHit” has learned that the former lover of the writer revealed details about her personal life in a blog. The man also posted a photo of Lena in a very spicy manner.

      Экс-возлюбленный Лены Лениной выложил ее интимное фото

      At the disposal of “StarHit” were exclusive details about the life of the writer Lena Lena. Ex-lover businesswoman Maxim N. considered themselves cheated and took revenge on the woman, spilling in his blog the details of their relationship and disclose intimate photographs.

      To frame ex-lover is hugging Lena, posing Topless, standing in a thigh in the sea or ocean. The man’s face to discern not for the headdress of a socialite.

      Maxim said that they met on the yacht of a Russian billionaire, an old friend Lena and began to dine a couple times a week. To arrange such meetings was not easy, as even close friends Lena needs to coordinate meetings with one of her three personal assistants. The woman is very busy in your business development. The young man did not expect that with the appearance of a striking blonde hides a shrewd businesswoman.

      According to Maxim, none of the men may not like that Lenin works so much and spends little time elected officials who complain about a lack of women’s warmth and attention. Any proposal to go to a movie or to go to rest he hears only “I have the signing of the contract” or “Board of Directors”. Also, the ex-lover of socialite expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that the woman refuses to cook him meat or sweets, as she is true to vegetarianism and is opposed to chemistry and energy, as well as artificial sugar. Former Deputy Lena admits that the cameras are thick, but the makeup makes you look older, and, in fact, Apatinac blonde in life it looks much slimmer and younger.

      “She is 36 years old, not 66 or 166 as envy writing some media. We flew on vacation, and I saw the passport, which really is a name of Lenin, because the woman changed her from the girl’s Razumova,” writes Maxim.

      Ex-boyfriend of the writer acknowledges that she is much smarter than many women, and that it consult even very large businesses. “These friends, wealthy businessmen around her so much that no sane man would shoot himself on jealousy. And she still provokes sexy cleavage and short skirts. And even a photo for the press chooses to only half-open lips and alluring eyes for greater sexuality,” said the former lover.

      According to the man, he was ready to get married, and Lena Lenin was convinced that he just wants to be famous. In order to win the hand of unapproachable beauty, a successful financier Maxim bought her some diamond jewelry, bought a new car and ordered a bath for two of whole logs from the king to the baths of Kostroma Maxim Yarygin for a new house Lena is located in Marseille on the Kaluga highway near Moscow.

      However, no gifts are made Lena make the decision to be his wife. “She was convinced that all of these offerings only investments with a more insidious purpose – to marry and share her millions,” – says Maxim.

      According to Lena, he underestimated her prudence and intelligence in such matters. She too is well versed in men to understand, who from them what are the plans for it.

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