Ex-lover is blackmailing Stephen Belafonte

Экс-возлюбленная шантажирует Стефана Белафонте

It was the turn of Stephen Belafonte to the police. Husband Melanie brown, British singer and member of the group Spice Girls, addressed to militiamen and told her former lover, whom he met before his marriage to Mel b. The woman found out that the wife accuses her former partner of domestic violence, contacted him, blackmailing and similar charges, requires a large amount of money.

This woman, whose name is not called, I’m sure Belafonte would spring for her silence, because otherwise her words will have the weight of public opinion, that is, convince everyone that he really is home tyrant humiliated their partners. Stefan told her that don’t pay a dime more – went to the police, which he did.
Recall that Melanie accused her husband of domestic violence and forced sex Threesome. In addition, brown said that for a long time was not from her husband because he was blackmailing a certain video of an intimate nature with her. The singer even allegedly tried to commit suicide, tired of this life. Now she has received a temporary court ban on approaching her husband to her children and sought sole custody of their daughter. Belafonte require joint custody and participation in the life of the eldest daughter angel, born to Melanie after a brief romance with Eddie Murphy.