Ex-lover Ilya Yabbarov repaid his debt for alimony

Экс-возлюбленная Ильи Яббарова погасила его долг по алиментам Elina Kowalski helped the former choice in the difficult financial situation. A young woman told me that Ilya Yabbarov took her a million rubles. Now she’s trying to get the money back from the stars “House-2”.

      Экс-возлюбленная Ильи Яббарова погасила его долг по алиментам

      Four years ago, the star of the reality show “Dom-2” Ilya Yabbarov broke up with his wife. The ex-couple have a child. Vladislav girl is now seven years old, but the man has long refused to pay child support to his successor. The star of “House-2” Ilya Yabbarov daughter owes hundreds of thousands

      In the Studio of the program “Talk show” came the ex-girlfriend of the stars “House-2” Elina Kowalski. She asked for help to return money that, in her opinion, Yabbarov she took. The young woman said that the man owed her a total of one million rubles. The lovers met only six months, however, this time Jabbarova enough to live in a big way and solve financial problems by Kovalska. Elina says that the man under various pretexts, asking for money, and she is so in love with him that I could not refuse.

      “He had problems with child support, it debts. I pay child support, not even his”, – told ex-girlfriend stars “House-2”.

      Experts in the Studio noticed that she works in the personnel Department and on duty must be able to understand people. They do not understand how Yabbarov could manipulate. Kowalski admitted that she was a pleasant courtship of Elijah, he gave flowers, gifts, and found a common language with her daughter.

      A young woman told me that Ilya fraudulently enticed her money. He pretended that he had temporary financial difficulties, he lost a Bank card, and also invested a large sum into the business.

      “Every woman hopes for the best, I have no consumer relationship to men. I believed that a person’s difficulties, I believe that he will normalize,” he recognized Elina.

      Экс-возлюбленная Ильи Яббарова погасила его долг по алиментам

      The Studio came Ilya Yabbarov, who immediately said that he did not have his former lover. He believes that with Elina it was just fun and did not intend to marry her, as she assured the woman. The man believes that if he did not give receipts, you do not have to. Moreover, Yabbarov fancies himself a celebrity, but because Elina is, in his view, paid for close fellowship with him.

      “People sitting and lying! Look, I’m not sold. I so need to strain. Now to get out of the Studio and then the squad lined up,” said Ilya.

      The star of “House-2” did not see anything wrong with a woman paying for him. Elina thought that Ilya would become her husband. But, according to Jabbarov, he was just a little fun with beauty.

      “Blissed out together, went mad, spent together grandmother – she, does it matter who pays, there’s nothing there!” believes Yabbarov.

      Экс-возлюбленная Ильи Яббарова погасила его долг по алиментам

      In the Studio there was a mom Elina Marina Rylova. She could not restrain emotions, and therefore immediately pounced on Jabbarova with his fists. Kowalski tried to reassure the parent. Marina said she sent money for his beloved daughter and granddaughter. The woman was in shock when I learned about the tools, Elina. Ilya was justified, partly he gave money to Elina. The man repaid the debt of alimony.

      “I had a family, child, complexity. Had no money to pay, I believe, 200 thousand. It was necessary to extinguish. Elina has the tools that she offered me. This is the only time it really helped. Within a month I gave Elina. The duty of child support is now closed, it is not,” admitted Yabbarov.

      At the end of the program Ilya decided to apologize to ex-girlfriend and her mother. He apologized for the fact that sometimes he had a temper, but promised to apply for Elina to court for libel.