Ex-lover Ilya Glinnikov wins the heart Yegor creed

Экс-возлюбленная Ильи Глинникова покоряет сердце Егора Крида Ural model Daria Klyukina was a participant of the show “the Bachelor.” Earlier the girl tried to win the favor of the stars of the series “Interns” Ilya Glinnikov, and now she was among the candidates for the heart of the idol of millions Yegor creed.
Экс-возлюбленная Ильи Глинникова покоряет сердце Егора Крида

In the Network appeared the trailer for the sixth season of the show “the Bachelor,” whose main character was Egor Krid. The artist will choose a lady of 25 candidates. Premiere of this continuation of the popular project will take place this spring.

It is reported that viewers will find a large number of unexpected twists and turns. According to representatives a press-services, Egor Krid is very different from other heroes of the project.

“Very soon we will go to a new amazing story together with a favorite of millions, which does not tolerate lies and does not recognize frames. The most outspoken of the season in the entire history of the project!” reads the annotations to the video.

Apparently, the filming of the show was dominated by serious passion. At some point the patience Yegor creed snapped, and he left the area. “Look the new Bachelor. Seriously,” – said the artist. “Don’t leave us, please, nowhere,” referring to the executor contestants.

As you can see in the video, among the candidates for the heart Yegor creed was the 23-year-old Daria Klyukina. A native of one of the suburbs of Yekaterinburg are not used to participate in the project. The girl starred in the fifth season of “the Bachelor” trying to win the favor of Ilya Glinnikov. Daria left the project because are unable to feel the actor something more than just sympathy.

Экс-возлюбленная Ильи Глинникова покоряет сердце Егора Крида

It is known that Lukinoj is a violation of the speech – she stutters. Ilya Glinnikov tried to keep Daria, which eschewed cameras and avoided a showdown with the other participants of the project.

“I’m proud that I have overcome the fear of his speech. I was very shy and clamped. Now his stutter look different. Not so it turned out to be deadly. But I received so much support from viewers and subscribers! For someone now I am a motivator, and I’m very pleased!” – told Klyukina “StarHit”.

After Daria was eliminated from the show, she starred in the TV series “Street” channel TNT. The episode involving the girls included in the 77 series. Klyukina played the role of Karina, which cares for Arkasha – adulterer one of the main characters. Soon the deception of men is revealed, and the character Daria starts to sort things out with dishonest admirer. Commenting on the new work, Klyukina admitted that she didn’t have much experience filming. Social media users congratulated the model and expressed the hope that with experience she will look in the frame more convincing.

In addition, Klyukina has worked with the artist on the label Black Star Misha and Marvin. Daria starred in his music video for the track “stand out”. “Song is on repeat in my playlist,” admitted the girl.